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Matt Hughes’ suicide revealed afer months of secrecy


Many fans of 30-year-old Matt Hughes only learned of the Kansas native’s death on Wednesday night at the end of the Discovery Channel‘s hit reality show Storm Chasers in which he starred.

Viewer’s were told on the November 3rd episode titled Dedication that the Hughes’ death was “unrelated to his storm-chasing activities” and that he died from complications related to an attempted suicide at his home in Kansas.

According to reports the 30-year-old meteorologist tried to kill himself by hanging.

Wichita’s KAKE-TV’s website had a blog post titled “R.I.P. Matt” from friend and former colleague Aaron Blaser, who claimed he tried to commit suicide on May 14. In the post Blaser described how Hughes was taken to hospital and spent several days in intensive care.

“There was a 24 hour vigil outside the waiting room, family, other chasers, business associates, etc,’ he wrote.

“I knew we were going to lose him. What a lot of us didn’t know was that he suffered from depression.

“While the professional side of Matt was going fine, his personal life was nothing but.

“I won’t go into specifics here, but there was never any illegal activity, but an accumulation of issues at home were mounting, and he kept it to himself until the end.

He added: “His friends, and I, will never know what he was truly thinking, will never know if there was something we could’ve done, will never know if anything could’ve been done.”

Matt Hughes, who pursued his dangerous hobby for 15 years,  leaves behind his wife Kendra and two sons, Colin and Hunter. A memorial fund in his name has been set up for his sons in c/o Intrust Bank.

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Images: Facebook and Discovery Channel.

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