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Mariah Carey’s pregnancy confirmed by Thandie Newton


For months the singer has been the subject of speculation that she is pregnant with her first child, but to date she has refused to give any clues as to whether there is any truth to the rumors.

But not everyone has managed to be as discreet as Mariah.

During a live interview on The View,  British actress Thandie Newton, who has taken over Mariah’s role in the film For Colored Girls, made a faux pas and let the baby news slip, confirming what many had already been suspecting.

The moment of truth…

Mariah pulled out of the project five days before filming started. When Thandie was asked why she was replacing the star, she said: “I think she is pregnant.”

Realizing her mistake, she attempted to cover up her statement, saying: “Or something major on is going on in her life, so I carried the baton for her.

Too late for that – the news is out!

As reported by Times Live, the 40-year-old singer has said she will make a big announcement on The Today Show today. No prizes for guessing what that might be.

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