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Marcia Cross advocates migraine prevention


Marcia Cross is best-known for her role as the sizzling red head Bree Van De Kamp in hit US TV series Desperate Housewives. But in one respect, Cross is no different to millions of Americans. She is a migraine sufferer.

Migraines are defined as severe headaches, often occuring on one side of the head. They are most common in adults between the age of 20 and 50 and usually cause intense pain, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

There is no cure for the disease and pain relief is the most popular form of medication. Many people have certain triggers for their migraines, which can range from stress to bright lights to certain types of food.

Marcia told Help for Headaches that her main triggers are: “Red wine, chocolate, cheddar cheese, oranges. Those are my mainstays that I just really don’t touch.“

The actress added that too much alcohol in general and stress can often cause her to have a migraine.

Keeping a food diary is something that helped Marcia pin point the triggers of her headaches. In the interview, she says there has to come a point when the sufferer stops being a victim and take action. This, she adds, is why she feels it is important to speak out about the condition.

Marcia Cross is the face of migraine medication Imitrex

“I just wrote (the foods that seemed to be acting as triggers) down so if they were more than once they seemed pretty obvious over time. But I didn’t do that for a long while, which I wish I’d started earlier, but it’s that kind of thing where you’re just kind of a victim to something and then you sort of say, “Now I’ve gotta do whatever I can to be my own health advocate and change this.” I think that’s one of the reasons it’s good to speak out because people can do things to be healthier and feel better. Even just getting diagnosed and having medication.“

The star is a paid endorser of GlaxoSmithKlein’s migraine medication, Imitrex, and has been very public about her battle. According to Neurological Illness, Cross often mistook her migraines for ordinary headaches. A doctor eventually provided the correct diagnosis due to her aura experiences (symptoms occuring prior to a migraine, such as visual disturbance, tingling sensation and memory lapses).

In order to avoid migraines, Marcia Cross recommends not getting stressed, eating regularly, getting enough sleep and having the correct medication with you at all time.

Another celebrity who suffers from migraines is singer Janet Jackson.

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