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Marc Anthony show cancelled due to Laryngitis


42 year old MARC ANTHONY has had to postpone his show in Puerto Rico on Sunday (17th October 2010) after he developed a mild case of laryngitis.

The Latino singer, songwriter, actor, producer and husband of Jennifer Lopez, was lined up to play the Puerto Rico Coliseum in the country’s capital San Juan on Sunday night (17th October 2010) but a specialist advised the top selling tropical salsa artist to rest his voice for 48 hours to allow his throat to recover from inflammation.

Anthony’s spokesperson, Blanca Lasalle has told fans that the show will be rescheduled to take place on Tuesday (19th October 2010).

Anthony was joined on stage at the same venue on Saturday night by his wife Jennifer Lopez for a grand finale duet on the track Preciosa.

Laryngitis occurs when the vocal chords become strained through heavy talking or singing, causing inflammation of the larynx.  Its symptoms include a hoarse or raspy voice and sore throat.  It can be treated by resting the voice and avoiding alcohol and smoky environments.  In Marc Anthony’s case some vocal warm up exercises before singing should vastly reduce the risk of any throat problems.  For frequent sufferers, further cases can be avoided by consulting singing or speech coaches about prevention.

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