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Manny Ramirez raring to go after hernia op


Manny Ramirez has stated he wants to play for the Blue Jays just two weeks after undergoing hernia surgery.  Ramirez reported some discomfort in his groin which he carried for most of the season, but he decided to wait until the end of the year for the required corrective surgery.

A hernia, such as the one Ramirez had corrected, occurs when an organ protrudes through the abdominal wall due to a weakening of the muscles, creating a hole.  Symptoms vary and quite often they can be painless, although with Ramirez this was not the case.  They can be identified as a lump in the groin region which can sometimes be pushed back in.  The lump is caused by a build up of fatty tissue around the protruding organ.

According to sources close to him he will be fit to train by mid-November although where that training will occur, and who for is the question.  Ramirez has said he would like to join John Farrell at Toronto but whether a move is in the offing remains to be seen at this point.

In an interview with Enrique Rojas the current free agent said, “He’s a manager I’d love to play for, Toronto is a team I’ve liked since they had all those great Dominican players in the 80s.”

Wherever he ends up it is widely thought that Ramirez shouldn’t expect a huge contract given his fitness issues over the past two seasons, although the player himself feels he has plenty of baseball left in him.

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