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Madonna’s Lies About Surgery and Aging.


Back in the eighties when Madonna’s image was based around being super slutty, she released Papa Don’t Preach an innocuous pappy pop ditty about a young tart up the duff who wanted to keep the kid, everyone said what a great role model she was for giving young girls choices and that keeping their baby was another option besides abortion. A great message for 13-year-old girls who have none of the resources that Madonna has/had to bring up a baby without support. Arguably, she could have also been telling girls that it is ok to sleep around at an early age without using some form of protection. Cos that’s positive. But anyway.

Madonna does what she does best.

Ever since then her message to her fanbase of mostly young women and gay men seems to have been based around obsessions regarding image, valuing output over quality, arrogance over humility, and making a killing from being tediously overtly sexual.

Strangely some women see another woman writhing around barely clad in provocative clothing singing silly pseudo-erotic songs as empowering – apparently it makes them want to behave like a slut too.

Madonna: Before and after something that made her look ten years younger than she did ten years ago.

But according to the media Madonna could do no wrong. They coveted the fact that she occasionally dyed her hair and changed image, exalting her for her chameleon like ability to change, as if hair dye wasn’t available at Walmart for five bucks. But she’s an amazing business woman. Apparently. I bet she doesn’t have a board of directors and an entourage of people far more talented than she is to help her decide what she does next.

Madonna’s latest attack on the communal psyche of the female population is to impress on them that aging is bad. Aging must be avoided at all costs. Over and over she lied about having surgery and still remains committed to the lie that she hasn’t had any work done, but her youthful looks are purely down to her faith in the Kabbalah – the fashionable religion for bored rich folk with no soul, having not yet had it returned by the devil after selling it to him in return for inexplicable fame exponentially greater than any talent that they have warrants. Judging by photos of her recently she seems to have bought shares in Photoshop.

Madonna before and after Photoshop

Madonna is a dreadful role model. She spreads the message that aging is wrong and she spreads it to a fanbase that mostly can’t afford to spend a zillion bucks on surgery or facials or injections or whatever she uses. Whilst it is natural for people to want to look their best, the trend these days is to look the best someone else can make you. Images of Madonnna extruded through Photoshop produce more than just aspiration in young women keen to emulate the star, they produce unrealistic goals that can never actually be achieved because no one in their mid-fifties really looks 21. It’s a sad fact.

Madonna is good at self promotion, but it’s a brand of self promotion akin to a bull in a china shop. She will stop at nothing to ‘push buttons’ as she calls it. Her pseudo sexual Sex book was risible and only enjoyed by teenage boys who couldn’t find someone their own age to masturbate over; gay men who will adore anything wearing too much make-up that costume changes every 17 seconds; and a few old men who will masturbate over anything, be it man or beast.

Then there is the matter of her adopting from third-world countries when she could be supporting the child in its own habitat. Good role model? Nah.

Stars of Madonna’s ilk eg image-driven pop stars (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc) who would rather sell records to everyone rather than have an elite fanbase should take responsibility for their fans, generally young people who like their music unchallenging, and should behave accordingly.

Madonna for Louis Vuitton: unrecognizable after Photoshop.

If you must have surgery or if you are Photoshopped beyond recognition, be open about it. Or even better, age naturally. What better example is that to young women already obsessed about their bodies and who can’t afford personal trainers, surgery and Photoshop.

To those that are not taken in by her paltry waffling pop fodder and see her as merely as a jumped up strumpet masquerading as an artiste, she epitomises everything that is wrong and ghastly about the music industry. And now it seems she has produced progeny in the form of Lady Gaga. A woman so intent on fame and attention that she will wear bacon.

And that video of Madonna in her fifties when she wore a child’s pink high-legged leotard is the female equivalent of an old bald man driving around in a Porsche.


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