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Luke Matheny's God of Love wins Best Live Action Short Film


Luke Matheny’s short film, God of Love, has picked up the Best live action Short Film Oscar at the 2011 Academy Awards ceremony.

The movie, which Matheny wrote, directed and starred in, is about a man, who gets his hands on some love-inducing darts. The film buff is perfectly cast as his own crooning, dart-throwing lead in this comic questioning of whether even the gods can force love to happen, the LA Times reports. “The entire cast’s sharp timing and the filmmaker’s taste in pop-jazz standards make the black-and-white film play like a Woody Allen absurd short story,” according to the critic.

God of Love was up against The Confession, which documents snowballing guilt over 26 minutes, The Crush, telling the tale of a schoolboy’s obsession with a treacher, Na Wewe, about the interrogation of a busload of passengers in Burundi during the ethnic cleansing horror and Wish 143, following a dying 15-year-old’s quest to lose his virginity.

The 18-minute short was made by Matheny, who is new on the glamorous Academy Awards scene. A graduate from New York University’s film program, the youngster did not look like he was in his comfort zone.

“I was standing behind Robert Downey Jr, trying to get on TV,” he joked.

Matheny was equally star-struck at the nominee luncheon earlier this month, the LA Times reports.

“When you’re in a room and there’s one famous person, it’s very distracting,” he said backstage. “But the nominees luncheon was wall-to-wall, and I kind of clicked into this other level of reality.”

The major win has still to sink in: “I’m still processing it here. I have 73 unread text messages and 50 unread e-mails,” he laughed.

Last night on his Facebook page, Matheny said he’d sent out a message of gratitude to his NYU buddies.

“I sent out a link that said, ‘This is how I feel,’ and it was a clip from the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ So that summed up what this experience has been like.”

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