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Liza Minnelli entered rehab to battle drug and pain killer addictions


Born in 1946 as the daughter of famous American actress Judy Garland, Liza Minelli is a prominent face of the  American music industry. Theatre marked the beginning of her career and at young age of 17 she began her professional life. Moving ahead with her career, at the age of 19, Liza Minelli started singing at the night clubs. Her hits include ‘Liza Liza!’, ‘It Amazes Me’, ‘Come Saturday Morning’, ‘The Singer’ and ‘The Tropical Nights’. She also did some roles in the films like ‘The Charlie Bubbles’, ‘Cabaret’ and many such remarkable performances.

After a career that celebrated many highs and was plagued by many lows, Liza Minelli was diagnosed with a severe case of viral encephalitis in 2000.  Viral encephilitis is an inflammation of the brain caused by a virus. Some viruses that may cause this include herpes, measles or rubella. The major risk with this illness is permanent brain damage. Minelli’s bout with the disease left her doctors predicting she would be dependant on a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She, however, recovered. She says taking daily dancing lessons and refusing to accept her fate helped her overcome the disease.

Liza Minelli was also famous for her multiple marriages: four in total. She appeared to comfortably move from one marriage to the next.

Her fourth divorce, however, from David Gest, had a tremendous impact on her. It completely changed her life, causing her to struggle with her drug and alcohol addiction.
Liza Minelli was admitted to the Caron Foundation in April 2003 for the treatment of drug and painkiller addiction. She went for an eight-week self-help program at the foundation and continued to carry on this program every year. Through her ongoing treatment, she continued practicing for her the then upcoming concert. After her successful treatment, she has been able to stay off any dependents. The Caron Foundation helped Liza gain control of her life.

Many celebrities have addictions. Some of these include Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears,Robbie Williams, and Michael Jackson.

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