Liz Hurley publicizes separation from Indian husband

Elizabeth Hurley, former partner of British actor Hugh Grant, has publicly broken the story of exile from her husband, having spent the past several months living apart from him. She and Arun Nayar have reportedly been separated for some time, and until now only her closest friends and family were aware.

Hurley let the world know via her Twitter page, saying: “Not a great day. For the record, my husband Arun and I separated a few months ago. Our close family & friends were aware of this.”

Hurley started dating Navar in 2002 after ending a 13 year relationship with Hugh Grant. They married in 2007 in front of the kind of crowd you’d find at an Oscar ceremony, and apparently sold their photo rights to Hello! magazine for £2m.

Recently Hurley has been linked with Shane Warne, the former Australian cricket legend. The pair had their pictures brandished all over British papers and rumours of an affair have begun to circulate.

After first meeting the pair began a Twitter relationship, Hurley starting proceedings with: “Hello new Australian friend, how nice to have met you in such sexy surroundings. I like the papers saying we’re old friends,” which she then followed with: “I’ve always thought cricket the most aesthetically pleasing of all sports and cricketers the prettiest of all sportsmen. True!”

As for what’s left of her current marriage, Nayar is seemingly tired of Hurley’s pushiness, and a source close to the couple told a UK newspaper: “She’s more like a boss than a wife. Arun often feels like rather than being in first flush of love, he is stuck with a wife who can be cold, pushy and bossy.”

Nayar is also understood to be upset with the intrusion into their private lives that Hurley’s proposed organic farm and reality TV show would bring.

“Arun is from a moneyed background. He sees the idea of a reality show about her organic farm business as rather unpleasant,” said the source.

Nayar’s laundry list of grumbles doesn’t end there either as he is tired of her glamorous lifestyle, constant need for parties and most of all feels threatened by her ongoing friendship with former lover Hugh Grant.

Recent celebrity break ups include Billy Ray Cyrus, Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria and Kendra Wilkinson.

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