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Lindsay Lohan misdiagnosed with ADHD


Lindsay Lohan’s life is an open book: the public has been aware of her every step, mistake and mishap since she began her career. She faced public scrutiny when she was sentenced to 90 days in prison followed by 90 days in rehab, but at least there was one positive thing to come out of it all.

Known to be addicted to several prescription medications, Lindsay has now been weaned off them during her stint in rehab at UCLA. One of the meds Lindsay was taking was Aderall, which is prescribed to people suffering from ADHD.

Doctors have now found this to be a misdiagnosis, TMZ reports. Doctors also claim Lindsay has no personality or bipolar disorders.

Taking Aderall could be to blame for Lindsay’s party behavior, TMZ continues to explain. A doctor spoke to the website and explained how the use of drugs like Aderall affect people who do not suffer from ADHD.

It can have the same affect as cocaine and methamphetamines, Dr. Harazti tells the website, and can lead to the individual to “driving around until all hours of the morning … smoking heavily … tweeting … and texting all night long. They can become very impulsive.”

Then “might then complain of insomnia and then take Ambien [another med she was taking] or other sleep aids to help fall asleep … it’s a vicious cycle.”

Could this misdiagnosis be to blame for where Lindsay’s life began to hit a downward spiral? Maybe it is as simple as that.

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