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Limp Bizkit drummer hospitalized with pneumonia


Limp Bizkit have yet again been forced to cancel live performances as their drummer, John Otto, has been hospitalized in Oslo, Norway with pneumonia. The 33-year-old sticks man from Jacksonville, Florida is currently having tests run, which will reveal the extent of the infection.

Pneumonia attacks the lungs, causing inflammation, fluid build up and sometimes tissue damage. Symptoms include coughing, chest pains, breathing difficulties and fever. It is a common disease which affects all age groups and is a major cause of death in the old, young and chronically ill.

Some strains can be treated with antibiotics and there are vaccines available which can defend against certain pneumonia types.

Infection can be detected by x-ray or by examination of the sputum (mucus in the throat, collected on a swab).

Disappointed fans have been told their money will be refunded but no word has come from the band as to whether they will reschedule the show or not. It remains to be seen how long John will be out of action for and more dates may yet be cancelled.

According to front man Fred Durst a comeback tour earlier this year was cancelled due to issues over bookings but their Facebook page today had this to say:

Limp Bizkit: I am sorry to inform you that @OttoJ is diagnosed with pneumonia and has been admitted into a hospital here in Oslo. Update soon.

Fans have been mailing the drummer their well wishes for a speedy recovery and the band are expected to make further announcements soon.

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