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Lily Allen planning wedding despite tragic miscarriage


Lily Allen has suffered tremendous heartbreak since losing her and Sam Cooper’s baby when she was six months pregnant earlier this month, but finally there is some good news for the London singer and her builder boyfriend, or — according to some reports — fiance.

Lily’s representatives deny she’s engaged, but friends say the pair plan to tie the knot next year in the countryside, with the ceremony and reception to take place at her father’s home in the Cotswolds.

The 25 year old, who lost a baby when she was four months pregnant in 2008 she was dating  Ed Simons from the Chemical Brothers, suffered her second miscarriage after contracting a viral contraction. But rather than push them apart, the trauma has brought the couple closer together.

“Lily and Sam had loose plans to marry after the baby was born but nothing concrete was in motion. Now they have decided they want to me man and wife as soon as possible. They realised through their grief that they absolutely adore one another and cannot live without eachother.

“They want to be tigether after what they’ve gone through and see becoming man and wife as the light at the end of the tunnel,” the Daily Mail quoted a friend as saying.

Miscarriage is a tragedy affecting one in four women, although the majority of women lose their baby in the first three months.

Celebrities who have suffered a miscarriage include Kelsey Grammer’s girlfriend Kayte Walsh and Sharon Stone.

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