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Lily Allen experiencing health scares during pregnancy


Lily Allen’s second time pregnancy after a miscarriage about two years back is far from easy. According to, the Pop star explains her experience with the pregnancy as “I came off the pill and, weirdly, a week later it happened. But then it was really difficult, I had complications.”

The star explains that she went through quite a tough time during first few weeks of her pregnancy. She added that she had a week when she experienced heavy bleeding and thereafter had to undergo lots of scans which the singer says put her in grave fear. However, these health scares do not deter her from wishing for a family life.

When enquired about her plans of raising her kids and being a full time mother for a few years, Lily Allen confirmed the news and said that her kids would take the centre stage and would be brought up in a family oriented environment.

As per, the singer strongly feels about her family plans so much so that she went on to reveal that she might not tell her children about her pop star days at all however, she did not rule out the possibility of getting back into the music industry some time later.

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