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Lily Allen devastated after suffering second miscarriage


Singer Lily Allen has lost her baby six months into her pregnancy, just two years after suffering her first miscarriage.

The 25-year-old came down with a viral infection last week and when she had to pull out of performing at Elton John’s charity fundraiser event at the alst minute over the weekend, her rep said it was because of her virus.

However, in reality the singer was rushed to hospital with stomach cramps, with doctors doing everything they could to save her baby boy.

But attempts to save the unborn child were unsuccessful and the star’s rep said: “It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that Lily Allen and Sam Cooper have lost their baby.”

The couple have been together since last year and Lily announced her pregnancy in August after being given the all-clear at her three-month scan.

Having suffered a miscarriage after four months in 2008 when she was dating  Ed Simons from the Chemical Brothers, Lily Allen was understandably nervous, but nothing could have prepared her for suffering this tremendous loss a second time.

A frined of the pair was quote on Daily Mail as saying: “This is a nightmare for her and Sam. It’s too early to say¬† how she will be able to cope with tis. They are both heartbroken.”

Miscarriage is a tragedy affecting one in four women, although the majority of women lose their baby in the first three months.

Celebrities who have suffered a miscarriage include Kelsey Grammer’s girlfriend Kayte Walsh and Sharon Stone.

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Images: Pr Photos and Wikimedia Commons

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