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Legendary comic actor Norman Wisdom dies at 95


The man who once said his comedy was “for children from three to 93” and who has had Britain in stitches for decades with his slapstick humor, the legendary comic actor Norman Wisdom, passed away at a nursing home on the Isle of Man.

The much-loved British star had a number of strokes over the last six months, leading to a decline in both his mental and physical health. He had long suffered dementia and in later years no longer recognized himself in the films that made him famous in the 1950s and 60s.

As his daughter-in-law Kim told the Daily Mail a while back: “A lot of fans still remember Norman as the happy chappy falling about, making them roar with laughter.

“They are not inclined to believe that isn’t Norman anymore. We don’t have that luxury. Norman is in mental decline. We have to deal with it.”

Born shortly after the First World War broke out, he dabbled in stints as a coal miner, waiter and page boy, before finding his niche in entertainment. Named by Charlie Chapman as his “favourite fan” and with an astoundingly large following of fans, both in Britain and the US, the “cheeky chappie” who won a Bafta for his performance as a dying cancer patient in Going Gently in 1981, and who was knighted in 2001, will be sorely missed.

The countless messages on his Facebook page attest to this: “Fare thee well Mister Wisdom – they don’t come any wiser than you!! Thank you for making me laugh from 3 to 33 (and hopefully all the way to 93!),” says one of his many fans.

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