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Lasik allows Brad Pitt to see clearly


Hollywood pressures its celebrities to maintain a great image: perfect hair, perfect body, perfect smile, and perfect style. One of the hottest men Hollywood has to offer, Brad Pitt underwent Lasik surgery to keep up his sexy look.

Apparently he thought he wasn’t as hot with glasses, or contact lenses were too difficult for him. In any case, lists him as one of many celebrities who have had the procedure done.

Brad is certainly one of the hottest actors on the planet, and we don’t mean only looks-wise. He kick-started his career with minor roles in television in 1987, including a memorable role in ‘Dallas’. In 1992, Brad signed his first leading role in ‘A River Runs Through It’. His perfect abs in ‘Thelma and Louise’ then clinched his label as being one of the sexiest men alive, and his career began to soar.

Brad earned his first Golden Globe nomination starring opposite Anthony Hopkins in ‘Legends of the Fall’.

With two Academy Awards nominations, Brad Pitt has been part of many notable flicks including ‘Twelve Monkeys’, ‘Fight Club’, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

Being labeled as one of the most attractive men in the world has led to a media frenzy concerning his personal life. Famously engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow before being married to Jennifer Aniston for five years, Brad Pitt is currently in a relationship with Angeline Jolie. The couple has three adopted children as well as three biological children.

Other celebrities who have undergone Lasik include Nicole Kidman and Tiger Woods.

Brad Pitt quit smoking for his children.

Image:; Author: chris_natt

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