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Larry King creates awareness after his own battle with depression


Larry King is a world famous TV personality who has anchored the entertainment industry with more than 40,000 interviews to his name. Larry suffered a heart attack in 1987 and underwent a quintuple bypass surgery. His three packs a day smoking habit was to blame. His heart attack reportedly caused his depression and took him to the darkest phase of his life but he remained open about his depressive phase, even discussing it on his legendary television shows ‘Larry King Live’ and ‘Larry King Weekend’.

Larry has a family history of depression. Larry’s brother was the worst affected by depression for six long months. Larry’s first encounter with his own behavioral change actually disturbed him, and he said: “What was most puzzling to me, I would be crying and not know why I was crying.” After diagnosis of post heart-attack depression, King was put on anti depressants for a period of six months.

While undergoing the treatment, King said,The tough part is distinguishing between depression and bad news.” But Larry found a way out for his depressions and started creating awareness about this mental condition. He interviewed numerous celebrities in his career but his special show on depression got him rave reviews.

Celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Carrie Fisher, Mariel Hemingway and Brooke Shields poured their hearts out in Larry King’s show and he patiently heard the stories of depression relating to them all the while. Larry King with his undying spirit to fight depression insisted on creating awareness and is quoted as saying: “The more knowledge you have, the better… This is not having a bad day. [These people] need comfort and understanding… The one thing you can’t do with a person with depression… is you can’t say ‘Feel good. Get out of bed. This is silly.’ That won’t work.”

Other clinically depressed celebrities include Jim CarreyJ.K. RowlingHalle BerryHugh Laurie and Owen Wilson.


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