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Lady Gaga sinks to new low using Amy Winehouse to promote her single


There is a fine line between self-promotion and absolute desperation for attention and unfortunately for us Lady Gaga is a paragon of the latter. Not content with insisting that she was often mistaken for Amy Winehouse in her early days, the demented and backward looking Barbie doll has now danced on the corpse of the fallen soul singer in a pair of her ridiculous, orthopaedic, midget lengthening shoes by using her again for further publicity.

Lady Gaga wanted to replace Miss Piggy in the Muppet Show. She'd be perfect.

Appearing on The View to promote her new single which will not be named here, Gaga spoke about her distress at the death of Winehouse – someone she’d never met – and stated that she was left speechless due to shock for 48 hours (probably the longest she’s ever been quiet yet still not long enough).

This kind of egocentrism highlights the difference between a genuine artist and a media whore who will stop at nothing to garner as much attention as possible, regardless of who they step on to get to the next level.

Lady Gaga looks as abhorrent as she behaves. Using Amy Winehouse's death to garner sympathy is sickening.

Lady Gaga is as corrupt as the music industry that spawned her and her utter disrespect for Amy Winehouse, not even dead two weeks, proves that she is a soulless, heartless PR junkie.

During the show Gaga felt it necessary to discuss her own supposed tangle with addiction and hard drug use while the sage-like Barbara Walters added her nickel’s worth (spoken like a true addict) that once you start on drugs the hardest thing is to stop. Barbara Walters is currently touring kindergartens with Johnny The Lion giving speeches on how hard it is to stop drugs once you’ve started.

Isn’t heroin moreish?!

The chameleon at work suggests that Lady Gaga has no personality of her own.

Gaga professed to being saved from drug abuse by her father’s meaningful yet brief soliloquy, ‘My dad was like, “I know what you’re doing, and just so you know, I did it and I lost every friend and everything that I ever had while I did it.” He shared with me his life story and his struggle, so that was what ultimately changed my life. Honestly it was the best thing that happened. I never went back.’

Given that nugget of wisdom it’s understandable how terrifying the prospect of unpopularity must be for the music industry’s favourite mannequin, but her words are empty, like something from a bad soap opera script and she does not have the demeanor of a former junkie or addict.

The worst part in all this is that nobody truly knows the circumstances behind Amy Winehouse’s sudden death so for an idiot like Gaga to express opinions about someone she never met by saying ‘Everybody was so hard on her, and everything that I knew about her was that she was the most lovely and nice and kind woman,’ is frankly insulting to Amy, her fans and our collective intelligence.

Expecting Lady Gaga to say something deep, intelligent and meaningful is the same as expecting a three-year-old to single-handedly design and build a complete city and its infrastructures and then maintain it while simultaneously keeping every single citizen happy. Luckily for Gaga, Barbara Walters was there to translate kindergarten speak.

It’s uncanny that Gaga should draw imaginary parallels between herself and the beleaguered Winehouse at the same time as her new single is set to be launched and that alone is a clear indicator of the gulf between their two personalities.

Amy Winehouse was seemingly pushed into the limelight by her father Mitch when all she wanted to do was open a singing school and have a family; she was the classic reluctant celebrity and that discomfort with her lifestyle drove her to escape via her excesses.

Lady Gaga - isn't she different and unique?

A complete polar opposite, Gaga is a black hole, a gravitational well for publicity of the ‘say anything, do anything’ philosophy. She is such a canvas that it’s unlikely she’s able to form an opinion of her own, thanks to a level of puppeteering and string pulling by her press, PR and music industry people that would make Gerry Anderson proud. For evidence of the fact that she’s not unique or ‘different’ you only have to look back at her early promo shots to see a very ordinary girl wearing very ordinary clothes singing very ordinary songs.

The hope is that Gaga will sink her own battleship sooner than later, but that would mean removing the brain that controls her; the turgid cash magnet music industry. Until that happens, and it is slowly shrinking courtesy of online piracy, we will be stuck with pseudo-chameleonic attention junkies like Lady Gaga while genuine talents with soul like Amy Winehouse ascend into ‘sainthood’, posthumously elevating to celestial stardom with a quiet dignity.

Let her rest.

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