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Lady Gaga Rips Off… Annie Lennox (this time)


Lady Gaga is funny. She tries to be as shocking as Madonna (tried to be) but her most famous routines are emulations of artists far greater than she is or will ever be; or smack of tired old exercises in PR that insult her fans’ intelligence.

She has already been accused and widely criticized for copycatting Madonna – somewhat extensively, and then chanteuse and personality Bette Midler. This time she has plunged her copycat claws into Annie Lennox – solo artist and lead singer of early eighties outfit The Eurythmics.

At her recent performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga performed as her male alter ego – Joe Calderone – a personality slightly more attractive than his female counterpart. She appeared with slicked black hair wearing a dark men’s suit and larding it up with butch overtones. Probably trying to appeal to stereotypical lesbians with no imagination.

Madonna and Lady Gaga - Who's that girls?

Mouthy Kelly Osbourne was the first to gob off – and rightly so for once – accusing the 25-year-old fame sponge of plagiarising Annie Lennox’s famous performance of Sweet Dreams (are made of this) from the Grammy Awards that took place in 1984.

Sweet Dreams was The Eurythmics’ first and most famous hit single, back when good music still occasionally accidentally reached the charts, and Annie Lennox was as famous for her unique androgynous look as she was for her beautiful voice and quirky pop tunes that she wrote along with Dave Stewart.

It’s not the first time Lady Gaga has been criticised for ripping off other influential artists from that era, clearly banking on her fanbase being born after 1995 and having the IQ of a pube. Her track Born this Way sounds more like Madonna’s Express Yourself, than the original and she has clearly decided that she is going to be the next Madonna, with the help of top PR and a billion wet- lower-lipped young women looking for something colourful and vapid to adore.

Most recently her lack of originality was pointed out by one Bette Midler, who claimed that Gaga’s crippled mermaid in a wheelchair routine was a routine she had not only used before, but was the one she was particularly famous for.

Gaga and her ‘ideas’ team are maybe too stupid to realise that some of the people alive today have been around for more than sixteen years. Madonna, Annie Lennox and Bette Midler are all quite large and obvious targets and you’d think that at least one amongst Gaga’s entourage of sycophantic yes-men and women would have the foresight to conceal the lack of originality a bit more. Not all of us are too young to remember the originals.

Lady Gaga and Lady Madonna: Spot the deference.

Gaga doesn’t have enough verve and personality to fill one pop star, so Joe Calderone doesn’t stand a chance. “Lady Gaga, she left me,” he said. “Said it always starts out good but she said I’m just like the last one.” Shut. Up. You. Twat.  She then danced around for a while until Brian May joined her on stage and then ‘he’ climbed atop a piano and sprayed beer on the crowd. What a crazy guy!

“I used to hang posters of her on my wall and touch myself while I was in bed,” Gaga burbled later in the show as she was about to present Britney Spears with an award. <Insert derogative expletive here>

Lady Gaga has always denied stealing her ‘ideas’ from other artists. In an interview with Jay Leno she said “You know, there is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me. I am the hugest fan, personally and professionally. Well, the good news is, I got an e-mail from her people and her sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single, and if the Queen says it shall be, then it shall be.”

Yeah, that still doesn’t me you’re original. Plus you have a face like a pair of chips trodden on by an owl.

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