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Lady Gaga reveals her diet secrets


Lady Gaga gives a lot of importance to her health and watches what she eats, says a report in She fainted during a concert in New Zealand and is known for her strict diet and health routine. She has revealed her diet secrets to the people. All she eats is salsa with grain chips, turkey slices, tofu, coconut water and hummus.

Lady Gaga has been showing off her svelte figure in different music videos and performances around the world. Lady Gaga is also known for her pre-show ritual of having white wine.

According to LaurieAnn Gibson, choreographer, Lady Gaga is very much fond of theater and is very comfortable with her own self. He says that she doesn’t fear anyone and this will perfectly show in her new music, says the report published in  Lady Gaga has been recording new music while she is touring.

Other celebrities who have lost weight include Kirstie Alley, Kelly Osbourne, Nia Vardalos, Winnona Judd and actor John Goodman.

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