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Lady Gaga Falls Over Again During Annie Liebowitz Shoot


When I heard that Lady Gaga was going to be shot, I finally laid down my anti-theology sword and shield and realised there was a god afterall. No offense to Lady Gaga, she’s a young music industry marionette who sold her soul to el diablo in return for fame and fortune. We’ve most of us felt that way in our early twenties. I used to think that being famous was being successful, and whilst it is to some degree, success and happiness really have little in common with being rich and adored. Unless you are really exceptionally stupid, ugly and superficial, that is.

Anyway, turns out that Gaga was only due to be shot by iconic photographer of icons, Annie Liebowitz.

Assuming that most fans of Lady Gaga are below the legal drinking age but looking forward to menstruation, Annie Liebowitz who has been taking dramatic snaps of important folksies since photography was invented in the 1960s. The 1960s were invented by the Brits; a reason, perhaps the only one, to have a tiny bit of fondness for them. Maybe they’ll forgive us Lady Gaga if we forgive themVictoria Beckham? Although it’s not really a fair swap. Gaga can sing; Beckham can’t even speak.

Demi Moore was the first celebrity to pose naked having swallowed a space hopper.

Annie Liebowitz is also famous for her cover shot of Demi Moore pregnant – the first celebrity female to pose looking like she had swallowed a space hopper, but certainly not the last. Seems every cheap bitch in the celebrity world thinks she is edgy by having herself snapped fat and naked, celebrating the fact that she managed to have sexual intercourse with a male man.  Whoopy do!

Gaga to Vanity Fair and Ms Leibowitz is like Sheena Easton was to Bond themes – just no.

So Gaga, the fame hungry mannequin, donned a pair of vertiginous platforms of the likes favored by the more ostentatious of the transvestite sorority, but soon toppled off them, still clutching the hotdog she had just faux purchased from a hotdog vendor for the sake of the photo shoot. Her professionalism is commendable. Imagine falling over and not dropping your hotdog. Elton John must be shaking in his platform boots.

I wonder when the world will get over its fixation with the Gagster and realise that she is a smelly sea lion performing for fish. LOL.

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