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Lady Gaga falls off her rocker but the show goes on


If you play with fire you’re going to get hurt. Ironically it wasn’t the fire that did the damage to Lady Gaga but her own stupidity and willingness to go the extra mile to entertain her fans.

While some news outlets are exaggerating the extent of the accident, the truth is that Gaga was throwing shapes while balancing on her piano stool, not attempting to jump off the expensive, flaming machine; swirling her arm through the air like a fourth rate Pete Townshend.

Pride comes before a fall

The stool slipped from under her and she fell onto her back, narrowly missing smacking her head on the piano keyboard. Perhaps that would have been a good thing as she could do with some sense knocking into her.

In true professional style she stood up and continued with her song and the crowd responded with a great show of appreciation. The whole event is a far cry from some reports that state she was high up and fell, or tried to jump onto the stool which collapsed under her resulting in a near death experience.

That might come as bad news to some people but the truth is often less exciting than fiction, and fiction sells.

One 18 year old fan said: “It was in the middle of the show. She was really high up and it looked really bad. I only just managed to keep the video steady.

“The crowd all saw it and I don’t think anyone would have minded if she’d walked off the stage to get checked out by medics. But she was a real professional and jumped back up on stage to finish her set in front of the fans. It was really amazing to see.”

The most amazing thing is that nobody else seems to notice that she’s miming.

Watch the video for yourself and make up your own mind whether it was ‘amazing’ or not.


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