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Lady Gaga considers boob job


Lady Gaga is weighing which is more important, her relationship with 29 year old Luc Carl or increasing the size of her chest.

The 24 year old, who is no stranger to publicity grabbing, was out for lunch in New York with her on/off boyfriend when she was hit by a bout of boobrage.  After eyeing up a waitress’ appendages she said to her, as quoted on Daily Star: “I love your boobs!  Are they real?  I really want to get implants too, I love false boobs.”

But she admitted to the waitress that it could cause ructions between her and Carl by adding, “I’m not sure how Luc would feel about me getting my boobs made bigger, he’s into real boobs so that’s why he adores me so much.”

Gaga is not known for her tact and after upsetting a lot of people with her recent “meat suit” antics and her pointless involvement in the DADT rally it seems as though she’s lining herself up for yet more attention.

The soap opera has no end in sight at the moment and Lady Gaga is happy to feed the press and the public with her continuous quest for fame and headline grabbing.

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Let us know your thoughts.  Does she need a boob job or is she fine as she is?

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