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Kylie Minogue’s cancer diagnosis sees her slip into depression


Princess of Pop Kylie Minogue is among famous suffers of depression. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, Kylie experienced an all time low and slipped into depression. She could not digest the feeling that she was to undergo chemotherapy and found this diagnosis crippling, saying: “I’ll never be normal again”.

During her tour, she realized that depression was taking over. quotes the star as saying: “The depression suddenly came over but I had the goal of continuing the tour and thinking back it was a blessing in disguise”.

One positive factor that makes Kylie Minogue different is the determination she had to fight her depression. “I had to prove I had what it takes to continue what I had done in the past,” she said. With the passage of time, Kylie regained her lost hope and confidence and underwent chemotherapy with the positive frame of mind.

Recalling those days, Kylie said: “I learned that you never go back to a normal state, instead you have to create a new normal state.”

Kylie took a break from work after her diagnosis of breast cancer and beat cancer thanks to a successful surgery and chemotherapy. After getting the thumbs up from her doctors, Kylie decided to back on tour to finish her ‘Showgirl’ tour she was forced to abruptly cancel due to the diagnosis.

Kylie came with a bang and continued her career but still now she talks about her low phase and says, “You get such a kick and then it’s all over. That’s good ground for uncertainty and depression. I usually burst into tears.”

Coping with depression is one thing but being other’s inspiration is what only Kylie can do. Kylie also helped her younger sister Danni Minogue while she was battling depression.

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