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Kiss drummer battled breast cancer


It was a year ago, in late 2008, that former Kiss drummer Peter Criss (also known as “Catman”) successfully beat breast cancer. According to Criss, the tumor was found early and he was treated before the cancer had a chance to spread.

In an interview with CNN, 63-year-old Criss says hopes to raise the profile of this disease that can also affect men. He said he wasn’t embarrassed to talk about his battle with breast cancer, and doesn’t understand the embarrassment behind the “macho crap” of men who aren’t open to talk about it.

He admits that he didn’t know, like many other men, that men could also get breast cancer.

His advice to men who notice a change in their chest: “Don’t sit around playing Mr. Tough Guy. Don’t say ‘It’s going to go away.’ It might not and you might not see life anymore and how beautiful that is.”

“So many people must die from this,” Criss continues.

“Somebody has to step up to the plate and say something to get them aware of how dangerous this is.

“Lots of men die: They wait, they don’t go in, they put it off.”

Criss says he noticed the painful lump while he was at the gym in 2007.

“I go to the gym; I’ve been drumming since I was a kid. So I’m very aware of my body,” he said. “So when this happened I said, ‘Jesus, what’s this thing?’ ”

Doctors removed what they assumed to be a harmless lump from Criss’ chest in early 2008, only to find out it was breast cancer.

“I flipped out,” he said.

“I was angry at everything. I couldn’t believe I had this. I was a really angry guy for a long time.”

Thankfully the cancer was caught early, which meant Criss didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy.

Other celebrities who have suffered from breast cancer include Christina Applegate, Kylie Minogue, Melissa Etheridge and Anastacia.

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Author: Steven Hoffmaster

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