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Kim Richards enters rehab as TV reaches a new low


The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills season finale is making all the headlines this morning, especially where Kim Richards is concerned. The media are hailing the show as ‘the most shocking episode yet’, as if it needs any more hyping. The claims come after Kim and her sister Kyle had a bust up on the show resulting in Kim being checked into rehab.

The fight occurred at a birthday party and escalated into a frantic, booze fuelled slagging match. Husbands and other onlookers watched in shock as events unfolded, but more than anything it was great for the cameras and the audience. Of course all this really proves is that the celebrity lives so many viewers covet are no different to the lives the average person leads. They get drunk, they argue, they go shopping, they sleep… WOW!

Have our lives become so mundane that the only way we can entertain ourselves is by tuning into ‘reality’ shows and embroiling ourselves in the lives of the so-called ‘rich and famous’?

By putting themselves up for these shows, celebrities (famous for being famous) like Kim Richards are no different to Tamagotchis. Sure you remember the Tamagotchi, a little egg shaped thing with a screen that displayed a digital creature; depending on how you treated it, it would take different forms and behave randomly, most notably bleeping when it pooped.

Reality TV is no different. But what it does is stop people feeling the need to live their own lives. They get the excitement, the highs and the lows from the poor puppets on the screen. Surely Kim Richards is under a lot of pressure living in that goldfish bowl, no wonder she has possibly developed a drinking problem.

The squabbles portrayed on these shows are so pathetic that it’s painful to watch. But what’s even more painful is hearing people talking about it the next day as if they’re related to the stars of the show.

Our lives are ours to live, not to waste away in front of a TV screen getting worked up over this celebrity marriage, or that celebrity rehab case. Kim Richards may well deserve all she gets; she put herself on the auctioning block, sold her soul to the devil as it were. OK, so if you don’t like it don’t watch it; but these days it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid this kind of nonsense.

Bill Hicks commented that society couldn’t sink lower than watching American Gladiator. He must be turning in his grave.

It all serves to distract us from living, from going and doing the things which truly make us happy and feeling like we have a fulfilling life. Seeing the money and high brow lifestyles of these TV Tamagotchis only fuels our discontent.

If we must be glued to the box, then it’s time the TV companies started giving us wholesome entertainment again, not this low cost, non-escapist bullshit. The days of Big Brother should be an embarrassing and distant memory, like the time we got drunk and tied naked to a lamppost. Whatever happened to The Muppet Show? Give me that over Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills any day

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