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“Kim Kardiashan is DEAD” for cyber campaign to raise money for charity


On Wednesday a string of celebrities are going to die a digital death, not to be brought back to life until their fans cough up $1 million.

From Gady Gaga to Justin Timberlake, Usher and Elijah Wood, a growing list of stars will sacrifice their digital lives by quitting Twitter and Facebook in a bid to raise money for singer-songwriter Alicia Keys’ charity, Keep a Child Alive, which provides medical care and services for those affected by HIV and AIDS in India and Africa.

World AIDS Day, which is held on 1 December, is about raising awareness about AIDS caused by the spread of the HIV infection. Celebrities have filmed “last tweet and testament” videos which appear in adverts showing them playing dead in coffins, representing what the charity is calling the stars’ celebrity deaths.

In one of the ads, accompanied with the text “Kim Kardashian is DEAD”, the reality star appears displayed in a casket, seemingly lifeless and dressed in a glamorous sequinned dress, suggesting that she “died” after a night on the town. And her many Twitter followers will not be hearing a tweet out of her until the money has been raised.

Alicia Keys contacted the celebrities herself and said that no one had turned down her request for them to “die” with her, saying: “Once I got people on the online and I was able to paint the concpet, everybody was in.”

In her “Last Tweet and Testament” actress Jennifer Hudson appealed to her potential donors saying: “Come on, y’all. Buy my life back. Go on a shopping spree and buy as much of it as you can.”

So, what is involved? All you have to do is text the name of the celebrity you are “mourning” to 90999, and $10 will donated to the charity. Considering how many millions of followers the A-listers have, it’s unlikely that they will be remaining dead for very long.

Already a lot of people are criticizing the charity fund drive, asking why the celebrities don’t just donate the $1 million themselves. After all, they are worth millions. What do you make of this internet campaign? Will you be helping to “resuscitate” Usher, Serena Williams or any other stars?

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