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Kim Kardashian’s silver paint just won’t wash off


Kim Kardashian could be described as ‘four seasons in a day’ being as changeable as she is. First she regretted doing the Playboy shots, then in November last year she bared all again for ‘W’ Magazine, this time doing her best impression of the Silver Surfer.

So much for the regret over Playboy then.

As most of us understand that the Klan KKKKKK are hell-bent on getting as much media attention as possible, Kim’s rhetoric on the situation is a null point. She regrets baring all but doesn’t regret the money – hard to misunderstand her motivation for doing anything.

Surfs up BIG KAHUNA!

So why is Kardashian’s Silver Surfer impression being raked up again now?

Well, this weekend saw the pictures featured on “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” which was shown on E. Coincidence or publicity stunt? After all, it’s been several minutes since her name came up on a celebrity search page. Of course it’s a publicity stunt, her whole life is a publicity stunt; another case of being famous for being famous.

So what if she was covered head to toe in silver paint? Nothing wrong with that you say…

For some the idea of drawing on themselves is a good thing; whether testing out how a new tattoo might look by using a Sharpie, scribbling a must-have telephone number on their hand or completely covering their body in silver paint and posing naked for the cameras.

For the less glamorous amongst us it’ll be the Sharpie then, but there are dangers involved. No, not the risk of stalkers trailing your every bowel movement, or teenage boys declaring their undying love for you while needing a crowbar to prize the duvet open in a morning; no, we’re talking about eye irritation and other nasty infections.

While those lovely smelling markers may not contain “toxic” materials, all non-water based pens contain stuff which can seep through your skin and into your blood. Although a tiny amount probably wouldn’t affect you, it can lead to irritation in the eyes which can bleed leading to further problems.

Despite carrying non-toxic labels, most markers also state that they should not be used on skin. Sage-like advice from the people who make them, after all, they know what goes into them.

So what about Kim Kardashian and her silver paint episode?

In all likelihood water based body paint was used and the only damage to be done was to Kim’s reputation. Still, with yet more money in the bank to fund her shopping sprees in feathery stilettos (or on a flying silver surfboard) she won’t be too upset about that.

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