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Kim Kardashian was bullied for having big boobs


Kim Kardashian apparently developed earlier than others her age and, as a result, was picked on by her sisters.

In an interview with Popeater, the 30-year-old revealed that she used to get bullied by her sister Kourtney for having big breasts and would pray they would not grow any more:

“Kourtney used to torture me and think I was odd because I had big boobs,” she revealed. “I was 11 when I got my period and I started developing. I would sit in the bathtub, take a washcloth, put it under really hot water and put it against my boobs and pray to God, please don’t make my boobs grow any bigger.

“Kourtney would be like, “Your boobs are so big and ugly!” She was so mean and then I would have to wear a bra and she would say, “Who wears a bra? That’s so disgusting.” It was so embarrassing.”

And it seems the days of bullying have not really passed. Speaking to all three sisters, Popeater found that poor Kim still has to deal with her sisters teaming up against her:

“Normally 80 percent of the time it’s me and Kourtney against Kim,” said Khloe. And it doesn’t stop there: “We make her cry sometimes,” the youngest of the three added. “I think it’s a build up thing though. It’s not that we’re that mean, it’s just like two weeks of picking on her and on the fifteenth day she starts crying.”

But why? Could it be jealousy? Popeater does not even ask the question before Khloe provides a comprehensive answer: “You might be stunning, little one, but you’re not all that,” she said, snapping her fingers.

The girls also had a lot to say about their pretty sister’s inability to stay single. Apparently Kim has made a pact with herself to avoid relationships for the whole year of being 30, but according to her siblings, this is unlikely.

“I’ve never met someone so boy crazy,” said Kourtney.

“It’s not that she’s going on a million dates. It’s that she’s so obsessed with guys,” Khloe agreed. “She looks at magazines and she’s like, ‘Oh my God, isn’t that guy hot?” And I’m like, “Whatever, where does this come from?’”

The trio are currently in the midst of their book launch. The tome, entitled “Kardashian Konfidential”, is said to be packed with stories from the sisters’ childhood and lots of beauty and style tips, including photos and letters they have written to each other over the years. If all this is anything to go on, it should prove quite a read!

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