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Kelly Osbourne was taking 50 pills a day


Kelly Osbourne has come clean about her drug taking days in a live interview with Piers Morgan.  She admitted on live TV that she’s lucky to still be breathing after her consumption of pain killers rose as high as 50 tablets per day during the peak of her substance abuse.

Talking on Piers Morgan’s popular celebrity talk show Life Stories, the daughter of rock icon Ozzy Osbourne and X-Factor judge Sharon Osbourne admitted:

“At the start I only took one every weekend. Then it was one every weekday, then two a day, then three.”

“By the end I was taking so many pills I was on my hands and knees vomiting blood because the drug was ripping away my stomach lining.”

She did however highlight the positive effect rehab had on her life by adding: “I was taking 50 a day, more than twice the lethal dosage, and every day I took one more, hoping I wouldn’t wake up.

“If I hadn’t gone into rehab then, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here now. I feel very lucky because people die every day from taking painkillers like Vicodin, and I was taking much more than them.”

Kelly has hit the headlines for her incredible weight loss and stylish new looks which match her new found maturity and responsibility as a role model.  On her weight loss she said, “I don’t eat junk food. I don’t have it in my house any more. I’m more inclined to go for a bag of carrots now than a bag of chips.”

“Everyone always asks ‘What is the secret?’ But there really is no secret.  It is the old fashioned way of making a commitment to yourself and waking up everyday and doing it.”

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