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Kelly Osbourne was helplessly addicted to prescription drugs


In light of the death of DJ AM, a star disc jockey who was found dead in his New York apartment just over a week ago in what seems to be an accidental drug overdose, Kelly Osbourne has spoken out about her own battle with drugs.

The 24-year-old says she wants to tell the public about her personal demons so that she may help others. She claims she would consume as many as 50 vicodin pills in a single day.

Of her addiction, she says: “I had no control over it. I didn’t know what day it was. If I can share that pain and misery with someone to say, ‘Don’t do this,’ it means more to me to help one person than to keep my mouth shut.”

On the subject of DJ AM’s death, she added: “It’s a constant reminder that sometimes you don’t have control over it. It’s really scary because if it can happen to someone like him, it can happen to anyone.” (Click to read about celebrities with addictions).

Kelly, who has previously battled weight troubles, is looking slim and fit at the moment, as she is training for U.S. TV show ‘Dancing With The Stars’. A notorious yoyo-dieter, Kelly has been back and forth with her weight since she first hit the celebrity spotlight in 2002 when MTV aired ‘The Osbournes’ – a reality TV show following the family of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne through their daily routines.

The Osbournes have had their share of health tragedies: father Ozzy was notoriously taking drugs during his rock star status of the 1960s and 1970s. He was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979 due to his substance abuse.

Her mother, Sharon Osbourne, has also battled weight issues her entire life, and underwent a lap-band operation to decrease the size of her stomach in 1999. She successfully lost around 100 pounds, but later admitted she had been suffering from bulimia for many years. The worst, though, was yet to come: In 2002, just several months after ‘The Osbournes’ aired on MTV, Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer. Instead of shying away from the spotlight, Sharon wanted MTV’s cameras to document her toughest battle yet. Despite only being given a 33 percent chance of survival, Sharon beat the odds and is now one of the most sought after and highest-paid women in television. (Click to read more about Sharon Osbourne).

That Kelly has overcome her prescription medication addiction with the help of one of the top vicodin rehab centers is commendable. Whether she will finally gain control over her weight issues remains to be seen – we will keep you posted.

Other celebrities who have battled addictions include Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson and Mischa Barton. Other celebrities who have battled weight issues include Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein.

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