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Keith Urban credits Nicole Kidman for saving him from drug addiction hell


Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were still freshly married — having lived together for just four months as man and wife — when he sought treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in 2006.

The country music bad boy, 43, admitted that he was worried that checking into rehab for a three-month stint would place too much of a strain on their marriage.

“[I thought], ‘Surely let’s give it a few years so we’ve got some solidity, because this kind of thing could tear us apart,’ he said on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday. ‘This could just destroy us.'”

The singer, who is a former crack cocaine addict and underwent treatment for cocaine abuse a few years beofre marrying Nicole, credits “love” and an intervention staged by his wife and some close friends for helping him to get on the straight and narrow.

“It was really a profound moment in so many ways,” Keith said. “The way in which Nic handled that moment was just perfect. Everything was just designed, I believe, for that moment to fuse us together.”

Kidman, who divorced Tom Cruise in 2001 after 11 years of marriage, also took to the couch, opening up about their enduring romance. “I think marriage is about, every day, trying to make it better and working through things and when things are tough, saying, “I’m going to come to you and talk.”

The pair have shunned the Hollywood lifestyle in favor of a “quieter, private” life in Nashville with their nearly two-year-old daughter Sunday Rose, who they sometime also call “Sunny”.

Do you think this relationship has lasting power?

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Images: PR Photos and Wikimedia Commons

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