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Katy Perry taken to hospital after dance injury


Dancing can be a rough sport, Katy Perry has proved recently. Katy fell and cut open her leg while partying at a nightclub after her performance at the MuchMusic Music Awards in Toronto, Canada, on Sunday. The damage? She was taken to hospital where she had to get 17 stitches.

The Daily Mail reports that 26-year-old Katy “cut her leg open after falling over during an energetic dance session at a Toronto nightclub”. The next day, when she performed at another event, Katy’s latest accessory to her usually outrageous outfits was a surgical stocking.

Taking to her Twitter account after leaving the hospital, Katy wrote: “17 stitches later… Don’t make fun of my dance moves tomorrow. That’s what got me here in the 1st place! Thanks for the souvenir Canada!

“Thinking about getting a candy cane walker made for this performance coming up… I will be expecting YOU to dance for me, okay?! Oy vey…”

Get better soon, Katy.

Other celebrities who have recently been in hospital include Suze Orman, Shawn King and Jennifer Capriati.

Images: PR Photos

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