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Katherine Jackson accuses lawyers of greed in latest Michael Jackson episode


Michael Jackson’s Lawyers are “Greedy” is the claim being made by Katherine Jackson this morning.

In the continuing saga of who is going to get their grubby and rapacious hands on Michael Jackson’s estate, the late singer’s mother has called the lawyers who are handling the situation “greedy”. Lawyers – greedy? Who knew?

Katherine Jackson takes a swipe at "greedy lawyers"

Katherine Jackson also claims that they are filing lawsuits left, right and centre, in the hope of making a quick buck.

Since his death in 2009, the singer has managed to court almost as much attention as when he was alive, with a glut of sick people and corporations cashing in on his demise. Recently unreleased material and touring stage shows apparently ‘celebrating’ his life might be considered almost as tasteless as the now withheld footage of his autopsy.

It seems there’s a dollar in just about anything these days.

Before he died in June 2009, Michael Jackson was on the verge of financial disaster, but since his death his estate’s fortune has increased exponentionally. Last year it reportedly signed a $250 million deal with Sony Music to include unreleased music, DVDs and video games.

It’s a strange world – this one of media and celebrity. In any other situation, paedophile accusations would have destroyed a career, if not a life, but if you can sing and dance, and grab your crotch, your alleged actions in life seem somehow more forgiveable. Let’s ignore the accusations. I’m not sure John Wayne Gacy will have a Nintendo game for the Wii named after him any time soon.

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