Kate Gosselin, mother of eight, flaunts her washboard abs

Kate Gosselin is in a great shape, says www.radaronline.com. Her excellent shape was visible when she went running on Sunday morning. Even when she was out on a fitness spree, the paparazzi could not get their eyes off her.

As the weather was hot, she was seen dressed in a sports bra and running shorts that make for a perfect running gear. Because of the running wear that she chose, everyone got to look at her fabulous figure. By looking at her figure, no one could guess that she is a mother to eight babies.

Kate Gosselin gave birth to her sextuplets in the year 2004 and went for a free tummy tuck after the birth, says the report in www.dailymail.co.uk.  When she became the mother of sextuplets, she and her husband Jon already had two twin girls who were born in the year 2000. Her husband Jon hooked up with her surgeon’s 22-year-old daughter and the couple decided to split.

Now 35 years old, the mother of eight has amazing abs that can make anyone jealous. She is a single mom and still never misses out on her workout. She is often seen spending time in gym and in the local shopping center.

Celebrities who have battled weight issues include Oprah WinfreyKirstie AlleySara Rue and Sharon Osbourne.

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  4. Kate better thank her surgeon for her smaller stomach because if she didnt have a free tummy tuck she wouldnt look like that, and had a boob job and botox, she would still be that ugly duckling. and by the way kate needs to spend some money on a bra. and she needs to do something about those pimples she has on her face, she still ugly. she needs a lot of a lot of makeup on her face. next time you see her on her show she might be naked she likes to let everything hang out , i think she does that because shes desperate for a man.. kate and her body gaurd spend more time with eachother since her kids are in school most of the day.. i bet her kids are embarrest of their mom beause she dresses sleezy. kate was rude and demanding with the ashleigh the girl that helped her out when they went to see a nest of sea turtles hatch, kate, said Ashleigh I NEED YOU!!! TAKE THIS CHILD!! She bosses everyone on the set of kate plus 8 i need water , i need ice. If it was me I would say hay bitch get it yourself. Kate dont know how to take care of her kids without anyone being their. If I was the producer I would say kate pack it up you are fired!! and take your bratty kids with you, I notice kate tries to buy her kids a bunch of stuff to make up for the times she’s out running around.when kate laughs she has a witch laugh that annoying.

  5. What abs? Those are spray painted on along with her tan. If you look closely you’ll see to lines and there’s no muscle definition. LOL. You don’t develop abs from jogging, and I’m sure if she were lifting weights and doing crunches daily we’d have heard all about it and we haven’t. Like her fake boobs, she also has fake abs.

  6. She does not have “sprayed on” abs you can tell by the tone and definition. She works out 5-6 days a week-why can’t she be given any credit. She’s very careful about what she eats. As far as the tummy tuck,who wouldn’t accept it for free after 8 babies. Good grief I’d be tackling someone to get under the knife . She looks goods and people are just plain jealous. As far as botox-so what-if its true-lots of people do it. People act like because she’s a mom she’s suppose to be frumpy and out of shape. Good for her. In order to be a good mom-you have to feel good about yourself-Kate looks great..back off her

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