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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Have Not Split Up – Again!


Squealing pre-menstruating Justin Bieber fans – also worryingly known as ‘Beliebers’ as if they were part of some dubious religious sect – gave a communal boo of disappointment yesterday as it turned out that rumours of a split between their false idol and his ‘ugly talentless biatch’ Selena Gomez who he’s been dating since last year are not true, and that the young teen couple are in fact still very much an item.

It had earlier been reported that Gomez called off the relationship with Bieber after he sent a text message to a previous Mrs Bieber – Jasmine Villegas (another in a sudden glut of teeny pop star whose parents probably don’t care if their kids end up like Amy Winehouse, so long as they make them lots of delicious dirty money before they snuff it.)

19-year-old Gomez said that their relationship was in fact “all good” in an interview with Contact Music, that she gave recently, but also said that she had no plans to marry the be-haircutted boy star. That alone will probably be just enough to nourish a tiny glimmer of hope in the overactive imaginations of Bieber’s delusional pre-pubescent fan base.

Look away Bieber fans: Justin and Selena Gomez Have a Kissy Wissy.

According to UK ‘stalwart’ The Daily Mail Justin Bieber actually attended Gomez’s concert in Florida on the day that the rumour materialised, and also joined Gomez on stage during the performance – her debut – on July 25, where he performed a rendition of Justin Timberlake’s Cry me a River and, his very own track, Favorite Girl.

Later that night, he posted the following on Twitter, “@selenagomez u did great tonight. proud of u.”

More dull rumours appeared regarding the young couple back in April when apparently they had split again, but those turned out to be false too, although the haircut was very much real.

I’m not sure where these unfounded rumours appear from and what the point of them is. Is it PR for the artist keeping the artists’ names in the media, the desperate media devoid of anything to write about, creating stories of their own, or just the wishful thinking of crooked fans not quite right in the contents of their skulls?

There are always some silly and clearly untrue rumours circulating around the smelly corridors of the internet about Bieber. If they are to be believed, not only has he split up with Selena Gomez a handful of times but he is also dead. That’s definitely untrue as his haircut has been seen publically since.

Justin Bieber’s fan base has been the course of some concern since he achieved his inexplicable success. His demographic being pre-pubescent girls who it appears have the most evil minds on the planet. Thank god that they don’t have the physical power to carryout their evil threats. Selena Gomez has been the subject of many a cowardly online death threats and vitriol from crazy jealous under-aged Bieber fans unable to cope with what they see as ‘infidelities’ by the singer.

Justin Bieber proves he is just a normal boy with a girl's haircut.

Crazy and jealous is one of those bad combinations when it comes to human characteristics. It’s up there with stupid and arrogant. Luckily, they’ll grow out of it. I can only begin to imagine the shame in five years when they look back and recall that they issued anonymous online death threats to some poor young girl they’d never met, just because they were jealous because their ‘hero’ – some pretty nitwit with a woman’s haircut (they’d never met) – was dating someone that wasn’t them.

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