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Justin Bieber abortion remarks taken out of context


At 16 years of age it seems Justin Bieber is an expert on everything. In a recent interview the current face of corporate pop shared his feelings and beliefs about sex and abortion.

His mother, Pattie Mallette was only 18 when she gave birth to Bieber, after which she became an evangelist Christian. You know the evangelists; they shout a lot and talk utter nonsense. Bieber has let his fans know that his mother has instilled Christian values in him too.

A bunch of cells that resemble a small human.

‘I really don’t believe in abortion, ‘I think (a foetus) is a human. It’s like killing a baby.’ said Justin.

Well, it does exist, and is in fact a good thing for a lot of women.

If a woman became pregnant through rape would it not be acceptable for her have the foetus removed? Or how about safe sex gone wrong? Would it be morally wrong for her to have a bunch of cells removed? Because that’s what a foetus is; a gathering of cells which are forming into a human being. They have no personality or consciousness; they aren’t sentient yet.

Just cells, nothing more.

In fairness to Bieber Rolling Stone magazine were asking really impertinent questions, and it smacks of a reporter trying to make the kid look bad. That said, it’s great for children to have ideas about things but he really needs to look at the facts before making such biased and rash statements in response, or at least learn to deflect the question. He has clearly been force-fed Christianity and as such his views come from a narrow spectrum.

As for sex, Justin claims that it’s better to wait for someone you love to come along than just take the first opportunity.

In an interview with Rolling Stone he said, “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them, I think you should just wait for the person you’re…in love with.’

He has a point, but perhaps he should go one further and not bother having sex at all. That way there’d be no chance of his ‘loved’ one needing an abortion if things didn’t go to plan.

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