Justin Bieber abortion remarks taken out of context

At 16 years of age it seems Justin Bieber is an expert on everything. In a recent interview the current face of corporate pop shared his feelings and beliefs about sex and abortion.

His mother, Pattie Mallette was only 18 when she gave birth to Bieber, after which she became an evangelist Christian. You know the evangelists; they shout a lot and talk utter nonsense. Bieber has let his fans know that his mother has instilled Christian values in him too.

A bunch of cells that resemble a small human.

‘I really don’t believe in abortion, ‘I think (a foetus) is a human. It’s like killing a baby.’ said Justin.

Well, it does exist, and is in fact a good thing for a lot of women.

If a woman became pregnant through rape would it not be acceptable for her have the foetus removed? Or how about safe sex gone wrong? Would it be morally wrong for her to have a bunch of cells removed? Because that’s what a foetus is; a gathering of cells which are forming into a human being. They have no personality or consciousness; they aren’t sentient yet.

Just cells, nothing more.

In fairness to Bieber Rolling Stone magazine were asking really impertinent questions, and it smacks of a reporter trying to make the kid look bad. That said, it’s great for children to have ideas about things but he really needs to look at the facts before making such biased and rash statements in response, or at least learn to deflect the question. He has clearly been force-fed Christianity and as such his views come from a narrow spectrum.

[adsense]As for sex, Justin claims that it’s better to wait for someone you love to come along than just take the first opportunity.

In an interview with Rolling Stone he said, “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them, I think you should just wait for the person you’re…in love with.’

He has a point, but perhaps he should go one further and not bother having sex at all. That way there’d be no chance of his ‘loved’ one needing an abortion if things didn’t go to plan.

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11 thoughts on “Justin Bieber abortion remarks taken out of context

  1. I think that it is dangerous ground to start deciding when a foetus is a human with a soul and consciousness. Saying that it is a bunch of developing cells is the same as what we are- a bunch of slowly dying cells. But life begins at conception and ends with death. I understand that bad things happen to good people and there are consequesnces to behaviours that we all need to start living in awcknowledgement of. We can’t just make or break rules when they are convenient for us. Just as it is your opinion that a developing baby is just cells and nothing more, it is his opinion that it is just like killing a living human being. Abortion is not the only solution and no- no one should be expected to live with the evil doings of a rapist, but there are families who would accept and love a child that has no place in the family it was born into. The gestational period for humans is 40 weeks but are you saying that while my baby grows inside of me “developing” at 30 weeks gestational age, that my cousin’s sweet little girl who has arrived early at 32 weeks is just a bunch of developing cells- say that to the little one who clings to her mommy’s fingers and opens her eyes when she hears her mommy and daddy talking to her. We need to be careful calling someone’s traditional view ‘narrow minded’. It’s narrow minded to think that a reasonable solution for unexpected pregnancy is abortion when there are so many hearts aching for a child to love. Humans choose behaviours and need to accept the potential consequences and do the right thing when faced with those realities. It’s a hard debate when abortion seems to easily erase the problem that people don’t want to deal with against a young human who can’t defend themselves or speak out against those who deny their existence as real.

    • There are millions of children already on this earth who need homes. The world population is reaching critical mass and ever expanding.

      Let’s start by helping the ones that are here now instead of adding to the problem by keeping unwanted, unborn cells that have no personality, no sentient thoughts or feelings yet.

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  6. Also in the Rolling Stone interview, he was asked what he thought about rape victims having abortions and his response was “everything happens for a reason”. I suppose when someone is a billionaire 16 yr old without a uterus that’s okay to say, however it would be different if he were a rape victim carrying a fetus.

  7. Abortion should be pro-choice. Yes a fetus heart is beating early but take the fetus out before 24 weeks and see if it survives. IT WON’T!!

    A 16 y/o child should live a real life, not some super star life, before he makes comments that he knows nothing about.

    How can he say when a woman is raped, everything happens for a reason?!?! I can think of no good reason for a woman to be raped!!!!! What woman would want to give birth to that product of evil?!! NONE!!!

    I hate when bibl thumpers try to spread their words to young girls who will say whatever Justin says

  8. I have several issues with this article. 1) It is poorly written – what sort of ‘journalist’ doesn’t know how to use commas? There are several places in this article where incorrect or no punctuation is used. Poor standard.
    2) It is written with the most disgusting bias! It is not up to one individual to decide that a human being is ‘just a bunch if cells’ – the writer is arrogant to force his opinion down the reader’s throat and makes a fool of him. As an aspiring journalist, I am beginning to wonder why ‘Lee’ has a job writing for this website with his bigoted and ignorant views, when there are so many more talented and respectful writers who are out of work due to the recession.
    3) It is frankly outrageous that Lee suggests that Bieber has been ‘force-fed’ christianity – why should a 17 year old not be capable of deciding their own religious beliefs? I myself am 17 and my strong beliefs are not influenced whatsoever by my environment. You can not assume that just because someone has a different view to you they have been forced to think this. Bieber is not wrong, he just has a different opinion to the writer – which he has absolutely every right to have! This is once again bigoted and

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed the article.

      As an aspiring journalist you’ll understand that there is more than one style of accepted writing, and that journalism is a completely different matter to sub-editing.

      In the case of bias, your argument is a moot point as you are suggesting that I am not entitled to my opinion by calling me a bigot, thus contradicting your statement about right to opinion.

      I have a job writing for this site because my boss likes my style and it got your attention – like it or not.

      In point 2 you wrote “just a bunch if cells” which also highlights your lack of proof reading skills.

      The bottom line is that you’re using weak observations to try and discredit me because you’re obviously a huge Bieber fan and a Christian, and you don’t like the article. That’s your choice but in future make sure your side of the argument is water tight before you try to shoot someone else down, otherwise you end up looking churlish.

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