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Juliette Lewis injured in hit and run smash


Actress and rock star Juliette Lewis has suffered neck and head injuries after a hit and run driver ran a red light before colliding with the vehicle Lewis and friends were travelling in.

The 37 year old, who first appeared in hit TV show The Wonder Years, before moving into gritty film roles in features like Cape Fear, Romeo is Bleeding and Natural Born Killers, was sat in the back of the vehicle when the other car hit them.

The driver of the other car fled the scene and police have said he will be arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run when caught.

Lewis has complained of neck pain and backache which are symptoms of whiplash, a condition that occurs when the neck is subjected to motion beyond its normal range of movement. The soft tissue, such as muscles, ligaments and tendons are stretched or ruptured depending on the severity of the force which results in discomfort and reduced mobility of the neck.

Rest and gentle exercise will help alleviate the symptoms and whiplash will normally subside after a few weeks.

Lewis has also suffered some bruising and was taken to hospital straight after the crash as routine procedure. She is set to star in Due Date alongside Hollywood icon Robert Downey Jr.

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