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Julie Schenecker hospitalized after shooting teen kids


Julie Powers Schenecker was taken to hospital after police found her shaking and covered in blood at her home in Tampa. That day, she had murdered her teenage son Beau and daughter Calyx Schenecker.

Tampa police said the 50-year-old admitted to killing her 16-year old daughter and 13-year old son on Thursday night, according to Reuters.

Police had gone to the $448,000 property after getting a call from Schenecker’s mother in Texas saying she was worried about her daughter and grandchildren. The bodies of both kids were found at the family home on Friday.

Schenecker, the wife of a US Army colonel, had murdered her son first as she was driving him to soccer practise. According to her own statement, the teen had “talked back” to her, so she shot him with a .38 caliber in the head, twice. She then returned home and shot her daughter – a high school cross country running star – in the face as she sat at her computer studying, People reports.

“She described the crimes in detail,” police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said in a statement, adding that the explanation Schenecker gave was that the kids were being “mouthy”.

“That was the only reason she provided to our detectives,” McElroy said.

Schenecker was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

According to Tampa Bay Online, the mother-of-two was suffering from a medical condition she had before being arrested for the two killings. Although authorities did not specify her condition, Schenecker was seen by reporters shaking uncontrollably as she was led to police headquarters on Friday afternoon. She was later taken to the prison’s medical ward for observation.

She was due to appear in her first court hearing this morning, but this was postponed, the local news provider states.

Julie’s partner Parker was reportedly in Qatar in the Middle East when his children were killed and was notified of the tragedy by officials from the MacDill Air Force Base, where the colonel is stationed.

Schenecker had previously worked for the US Army herself. She served as an intelligence collector in Germany and a Russian linguist. She was also a keen sportswoman and coached an officers’ volleyball team when stationed in Munich. Former colleague K.C. Dreller told Tampa Bay Online:

“She had a Type A personality, but everybody I worked with was one because of the nature of our business.”

“She was a very good volleyball player, and she was a pretty good coach,” Dreller said and could not explain how she could have committed the terrible crimes.

“I can’t imagine how things got to where they were at,” he said.

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