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Julia Roberts ads pulled in UK as actress looks too young


Julia Roberts in L'oreal ad

The UK is finally seeing sense with the banning of two US advertising campaigns that feature celebrity models with stupidly flawless skin that they consider to be unrealistic.

According to The Guardian, Jo Swinson (a liberal democrat MP in the UK) complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)  because the products’ effects shown in the ads were obviously digitally enhanced.

One of the ads features Julia Roberts advertising a Lancôme product and the other features model Christy Turlington advertising Maybelline foundation (both products are owned by L’Oreal) and depict the models with complexions so perfect that they are completely unachievable, unless you are 11 and have impossibly good genes or are happy to walk around with several hundred pounds worth of Photoshop on your face.

The chief executive of the ASA, Guy Parker, in an interview with the BBC said “if advertisers go too far in using airbrushing and other post-production techniques to alter the appearance of models and it’s likely to mislead people, then that’s wrong and we’ll stop the ads.”

Both celebrities appear in the advertisements with flawless complexions and nay a single wrinkle in sight. This is simply unrealistic. Even young children have expression lines.

The only thing that these ads promote is the excessive use of Photoshop and other digital manipulation software.

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