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Judgement Day SHOCKER – Apocalypse is upon us. Again.


Harold Camping is ramping up his pledge drive to the New Jerusalem as Judgement Day 2011 draws near. I call it Judgement Day 2011 because it seems there’s some prophecy or other for just about every day/month/year that contains the numbers 3,6 and 9 or a variable there of.

Camping failed miserably with predictions of the world’s end some years back, but you have to admire him for sticking to his holy, predictive guns. He follows a trend of doom-sayers who predict the world will witness the second coming of Jesus and mankind will turn into wispy light and ascend to the heavens.

Harald Camping has been wrong about the second coming before; hasn't deterred him though

But what really lies underneath all this conjecture?

To me this is nothing more than a marketing ploy by the ailing churches of the world. Television, cinema, music, sport and consumerism have replaced the church as the central focus in most people’s lives, and while we do live in a less ‘godly’ world, this isn’t down to less people worshiping god.

The churches were big business back in their hayday and the bible is litttered with fear mongering which religion has pinned its control on. Fear god and fear the church’s wrath as earthly representatives of his might. And god is always a man – not hard to work out who came up with that concept then.

The human life cycle in pictures

Judgement Day is another method of control by fear and there are far too many people ready to accept it as fact, in much the same way as people who ardently believe in conspiracy theories such as HAARP being an earthquake weapon, or David Icke’s lizard people from another world pulling the strings on this planet.

Yes far too many lost souls are living for the day that Jesus arrives to save us from our sins instead of actually getting on with their lives and not feeling guilty about being alive as the church generally makes us feel – especially Catholicism. I’ve never known a group of people mourn their religion quite as much as the Catholics. Compunction is certainly at the heart of most religions.

Jesus has set a date of May 21st for his return. Let's hope there's no transport strikes.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of talk about god being benevolent and loving, so the notion of ‘his’ wrath is completely contradictory. Of course if you bring this matter to question any good christian will play the ultimate religious ‘get out of jail free card’ by saying, “Well, the lord moves in mysterious ways.”

‘He’ really does. He gave us the right to stupidity which we, as a species, have exercised with great tenacity since the dawn of our existence. I still can’t fully understand what drives people to live in fear; to accept the word of someone because they say they represent god. Is Judgement Day the ultimate get out clause for people who regard themselves as failures? It’s almost the same as the ‘Law of Fallability’, in that nothing we do matters as we’re here for such an insignificant time that we can’t possibly have an impact on the universe, yet our lives are so significant that we can’t come to terms with the gulf between our microcosm and the universe at large.

And that’s only for those aware of the universe.

In truth, there have been thousands of Judgement Day predictions which so far have failed to materialise. All the while we have a sun at the centre of our solar system and a moon orbiting the planet there will be floods and abberant weather conditions. This doesn’t mean the end of the world, just a few bad days (in the great scheme) for the human race.

The social climate across the globe is uneasy; rising food and fuel prices are contributing to rising tension and protests; tyrants are feeling the surge of uprisings after decades of oppression and through all this people are hoping a great wave or fire will come and burn all the evil away.

Validation of our stupidity as a species. we buy stuff we don't need to make us feel better about our empty lives. Thatcherism never died.

History is littered with times like these, we’re just more aware of it now because of our technology. The human race will likely never change while there’s something to be gained from controlling others and the media are masters of doing just that. This is something we know for certain, unlike the date of the fictional Judgement Day, so how about we just live good lives instead?

Forget about being afraid of things which are beyond your control or comprehension and focus instead on being the best person you can possibly be, seek experience, joy and adventure and be kind to each other along the way. I’m sure ‘god’ would appreciate that tribute to ‘his’ creation far more than living a life in fear of ‘him’.

Thanks to Charlie Brooker for highlighting the stupidity of media scare mongering.

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