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Jude Law and Sienna Miller split again


The magnetic poles have shifted once again leaving devastation and wreckage in their wake. Yes it seems that just a few months after announcing their engagement, Jude Law and Sienna Miller have once again parted ways.

Not for the first time have the pair separated, in fact back in 2006 they broke the news that their seemingly fairytale relationship had ended after Law had allegedly cheated with their au pair, setting tongues feverishly wagging, linking them both to god-knows how many other celebrities in the process.

Is it on or off or on or off or on or off?

They reunited again in November in 2009, and after a spiritual marriage blessing in Asia last August, Law treated Miller to a £130,000 engagement ring and the couple set about plans for a summer wedding.

Sienna Miller has no shortage of admirers; read as: working class men who’d jump at the chance but haven’t got a hope in hell of seeing her in the flesh let alone talking to her; which, if they did manage would result in their total humiliation, but no doubt they’d still tell their mates they ‘got it on’ with her anyway.

Heartthrob Jude Law has had a similar effect on the female populace, and no doubt with his five kids in tow would make an ideal project for broody ‘starstalkers’ (those who stalk celebrities, not to be confused with something from one of Law’s rubbish sci-fi movies). Thankfully the majority of women aren’t as crass as their male counterparts; either that or I have selective hearing.

A representative for the pair said, “I can confirm that Jude Law and Sienna Miller are no longer in a relationship.”

Another ‘friend’ verified the split by saying, “It is mutual and amicable and they are still friends. It was an entirely an end-of-the relationship decision. It had run its course.”

So there you have it, despite their magnetic shift and with no word as to the reason, the couple have vowed to stay as friends which is undoubtedly how they rekindled their romance in the first place.

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