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Johnny Depp gave Courtney Love CPR


Former Hole singer Courtney Love has recently revealed that she once received mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Depp. Love has a long history of drug abuse and has been branded “the most controversial woman in the history of rock“ by Rolling Stone magazine.

The “kiss of life“ was apparently administered by the “Pirates of the Carribean“ star after Love collapsed following a particularly heavy session. She commented: “Nobody has ever loaned me money. I mean, I was going to die on a few occasions. Johnny Depp gave me CPR on one. That’s as close as I ever got“. The former widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain then added: “I was watching that movie where he plays Dillinger, and I was like ‘Mother f***er, I never had myself any JD except CPR.’ ”

CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) consists of mouth-to-mouth respiration and chest compressions administered to victims who are, or are suspected to be, in cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest means the heart stops pumping blood to the brain and the rest of the body. This leads to death if the function of the heart is not restored quickly. CPR is used to maintain a minimal amount of blood flowing to the heart and brain to keep the body alive while waiting for emergency services, who then deliver a shock to the heart (called defibrillation) to force it into action again.

In the interview with UK Style Magazine, Courtney Love also spoke about coping with the financial difficulties that have recently befallen her and her 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean. The pair had been staying at a New York hotel whilst waiting for renovations to be completed on an apartment nearby. She admitted that they had been surviving off donations from strangers since her bank account got frozen: “We had $14.32 a week…The guy at the travel agency put his credit card down for the hotel. How insanely nice is that? And we are on the sixth floor. Not love nor money will buy you this floor.”

Love is not the only one fighting a continous battle with drug abuse. Lindsay Lohan has long since been struggling with her addictions, along with many other celebrities.

Image attribution: Wikimedia File:Courtney Love on stage.jpg, File:CPR training-05.jpg

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