John of God features on Oprah

Many cultures around the world believe in healing by faith, whether invoking the energies of the earth or channelling the healing light of god, it is a long standing fact that people have been healed by means other than science. John of God is a faith healer who was born in Portugal and has become one of Spain’s most influential spiritual figures.

Now a recognised modern day saint, John of God was born João Cidade in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal.  His family were once very prominent in the area and had a great faith in religion.  Despite their prominence they were not rich by any means. John of God’s mother passed away when he was very young and after that his father joined a monastic order.

Fergus Tigue has captured a small window of John of God’s life in a documentary which was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s show last night. The documentary clearly shows John of God healing people without the use of anaesthetic, making painless incisions and removing all manner of things from their bodies. His healing has yielded great results in the past but many people still question the validity of his work, many believing him to be a fraud.

Generally, a charlatan will aim to use their craft to make money from people, and faith healing is something that should not be profited from. John of God however does not charge for his ‘faith’ surgery or healing, which leads to another question, what does he get out of it if not money?

There’s fame and related wealth of course, but if you look at his past it’s clear that he is a humble individual who is here on earth to serve god – as he sees it.  He also encourages patients to continue seeing a regular doctor and stay on medication as it is prescribed.

There have been many cases of fraudulent faith healers, for instance Peter Popoff who was an evangelist. It was discovered that he and his wife were running a huge scam, filling large halls with sick people, asking them to fill out prayer cards. Popoff’s wife had a radio transmitter and sent the information from the cards to a receiver in Popoff’s ear. After investigations into his practises, Popoff was declared bankrupt in 1987.

It’s also true that many pharmaceutical companies have scammed patients by creating placebos, using the patients’ faith in their doctors and the companies themselves to basically dupe them out of money.

So what of St. John of God? Is he another charlatan using people’s faith to scam them, or is he a genuine faith healer who channels the healing power of the universe in order to fix the ailing? Get a debate going right here by leaving a comment.

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22 thoughts on “John of God features on Oprah

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  3. This is awesome! Most of the world is not ready to hear something like this, but God sent Jesus to heal and bring followers to him. Believe 100% and you could walk up and heal someone yourself. Amazing!

  4. I belive and spiritual healing, but if you sick and you go to a spiritual healer with no faith, you will no recived healing.

  5. I’ve heard that in 2012 there will be some sort of shift in the world whether it be in consciousness or physically “end of the world” type shift. I, personally believe it would be in mind and the program on Oprah involving John of God showed me that people are having a change of mind. Our world is being faced with new paradigm that we cannot explain. Just the fact that a show that displays such controversial topics and against mainstream science and medicine is on a well respected show such as Oprah says leaps and bounds about where we are as a people.
    People are NEEDING change whether they realize it or not. It’s not just politics or medicine or religion. It’s everything! And we are being pulled toward a new direction of being.

  6. mind control the body, the body control the mind .trust me we all have it within you may forgotten it. There are
    plenty of healer all over the world .From yoga to chi medittion.From herbal to all kinds of naturally healing
    Of course most of all Faith and believe triger the healing

  7. I believe the man is for real, but what happens when he is not longer with us? Is there anyone who will take his place?

  8. If you go to his website you will see that he is selling trips and all kinds of things for money. So much for doing his healing for free. Just another charlatan trying to scam people under the name of religion.

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  10. The word of God says: “Test all spirits” 1 John 4:1. In this case, it is quite clear this healer is not from God. This is true for the simple reason that God told us He despises mediums and spirit callers. Read: Isaiah 8:19-20, amongst many. This man is said to be one of the most powerful mediums of our age and chanells in the spirits of 30 dead doctors. Hello!!! It’s really not hard to figure this one out.

    Our troubles in this world do seem endless and they would drive us to every corner where we hear there’s healing. But again, we have to test the spirits! We are warned that even Satan will come disguised as an angel of light, so….. Beware people, beware!

  11. There is a misunderstanding. John of God is not Portuguese, he is Brazilian. Someone has mixed up two people into one person. The first part of his biography is wrong i.e. paragraph one and two.
    John of God is a special medium because he can incorporate various spirits and not just one. The spirits do amazing healing work through him. He IS doing all work for free and does not charge anyone. On the contrary, he supports many students to gain an education, established a soup kitchen to give food and clothes to those in needs etc.
    How do I know? I live in Abadiania and work as a group leader to bring groups to see John of God and with my own eyes I see the healings happen all the time.

  12. Another part of the “free” healing scam… it’s not free… “Cost of Trip: $1600 includes donation of 15%. What is covered: pre-trip planning and consultations, Dr. Bragdon’s guide fee for 2 weeks, one night in hotel in Brasilia, celebration welcome dinner, room and all meals in Abadiania, tour of Brasilia, transfer to and from Brasilia airport. 15% of guide’s income is donated to the Casa.
    In addition you pay your cost of airfare (from JFK round trip to Brasilia is approximately $900.) Extras like bottled water, herbal prescriptions, snacks, crystal bed treatments, massage, and gifts
    To Reserve a Place in a Group:
    Send a deposit of $500 made out to “Spiritual Alliances, LLC” with your registration to reserve your space.

    If thousands are visiting each day and each tour guide is paying 15% of $1,600 (I saw another guide is charging $2,000 plus airfare) to “John of God” that’s more than a hundred dollars per visitor, potentially adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per day… and don’t forget to visit the gift shop on your way out!

    • Of the money charged by guides, 0% goes to John of God or to the Casa de Dom Inacio, his healing center. Guides typically put together a package deal which may include transportation, lodging, meals and other expenses, and may include a charge for their services. None of this is paid to John of God. Nobody who goes there for healing is charged for standing in line and receiving healing work. If he prescribes herbs, it is your choice whether to buy them or not, and the Casa provides the herbs for free to people who cannot pay for them. John of God has said that if he ever charged a penny for the healing work, the spirits would stop doing the work through him. I’ve seen the poorest Brazilians come to the healing center and receive help, and there is no charge to anyone.

  13. ‎”Robert and Caterina Pellegrino-Estrich claim they were the first non-Brazilians to reveal to the world John of God’s amazing healing gifts. They are practicing “Bio-Energy Spiritual Healers” and Reiki Masters, Prana Therapists, and Spiritual Healing Practitioners. Caterina calls herself “The Lady of Light.” They provide “ground support” for visitors to Abadiania, where John plies his trade. They advise, however, that before you travel to Brazil you purchase travel insurance. “Travel insurance is essential to cover you in the event of accident, illness, loss of personal belongings or death.” Nice touch.”

    The dramatic forceps-up-the-nose stunt, I told the producer — and clearly stated to the camera during the videotaping session — is an old carny effect that my friend Todd Robbins tells me traces back to the jaduwallahs of India and was adopted from their repertoire by an American performer named Melvin Burkhardt, first being done on this continent in 1926. It’s now known as the “Blockhead Trick,” and is usually done with a heavy 4 1/2″ (30d — thirty-penny) iron nail tapped up the nose and into the back of the throat, a clear, straight, path that seems improbable. It’s performed today by easily more than 100 performers in carnivals and sideshows around the world, and John of God simply uses it to impress his victims, though he has a far easier time of it by using smooth nickel-plated (or stainless-steel) forceps. And what’s on that swab held by the forceps? Just what is that “holy water” John of God uses? We don’t know.
    I obtained from Todd Robbins a videotape of him doing the trick, and I took it to the ABC-TV News producer in New York, who chose not to use it even though it was clearly the trick used by John of God. ABC-TV News decided not to inform their audience that this impressive “miracle,” used at every opportunity by the quack for whom they were providing this infomercial, is only a common carnival stunt, nor did they make clear that it is very simply explained and not in any way supernatural!
    On-camera host John Quiñones told the audience that he had an inflamed rotator-cuff problem in his right shoulder and had submitted to treatment by John of God as a test of his powers. He was told by the Casa de Dom Inacio handlers to submit to the “invisible surgery,” which consisted of merely meditating for two days and following a set of simple instructions — no sex, no pork, no alcohol, and no pepper — and then waiting forty days to see the results. John reported no change in his condition at all, but excused that failure by revealing that he’d not followed the instructions! Why was it that this professional investigative reporter, actively at work on a major media shoot looking into the claims of this charlatan, chose not to follow the instructions he was given, thus providing a convenient excuse for the failure of the “magic”? And why, knowing that Quiñones had made his own test invalid by violating the rules, did the ABC-TV editors and producers still choose to include that event in the program?
    There are two kinds of “operations” performed by John of God, “visible” and “invisible.” The “visible” ones are the forceps-up-the-nose, the reckless random slashing of the flesh, and the maneuver of the knife-on-the-eyeball. The “invisible” ones consist of prayer, meditation, the reading of holy scriptures, and sitting with the eyes closed. Why was it that Quiñones was not “visibly” operated on? Could it be that the “healer” was smart enough not to give any actual physical distress to this representative of a powerful American media outlet that could give him — and did give him — priceless publicity and validation? Those peasants who opted to be probed and cut into, were dispensable; there are endless supplies of that fodder….”

  15. “As stated in Primetime, John is a very, very wealthy man. The Primetime program also stated he does not charge.That is very misleading. In Oct. 2001, the herbal prescriptions which are scribbled by John cost US$20 for a small bottle. The holy water charge is 1-2 dollars a bottle, the crystal baths they provide are $10, and you are told to drink a lot of holy water from the casa, which will help in the healing process. About 200-300 people visit the casa per day and from what I observed 90% are given prescriptions. All these charges might not seem a lot to a foreigner who is desperate for a cure and has traveled far to get to Abadiania , but in Brazil it is a tremendous amount of money.”

  16. I would usually be sceptical – but, he appears very genuine and helped my Mum considerably. When there is so much bad, some good is great,

  17. I was healed in 2007 from a lower back pain. It was in Rainbeck NY where John of God goes every year. He is a real healer. Later I was in Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil and I saw a lot of people very gracefully for the healing. I think that some people are prepare to receive this kind of healing because in the path of their lives they create a link with God and the faith. Although you can go to Brazil without great faith maybe you can be healed too. Your life change once you are in Casa the Dom Inacio. There is a part of Heaven.

  18. If Prostitution,is the oldest profession in the world,then Faith Healing,would surely be the 2nd oldest.
    The number of John of Gods throughout human history would run into the 1000’S.
    So what makes this faith healer different to the ones in the past ???,nothing.

    When youre in pain,or death is fast to become you,the faith healer is here to accommodate you.

    Lets hope John of God,confines his interest only into making $$$$,and doesn’t become to spiritual,like the good Reverand Jim Jones……

  19. Well written article. The Casa is not a fraud in the sense that nothing goes on there, but it should be avoided at all costs from my own experience.

    I went there three years ago as I was very ill and ended up staying a year. At first I did not believe that they could do the things they claimed, but as I experienced for myself and witnessed more I realized what goes on there is beyond our comprehension.

    People are often so desparate (as I was) or want to believe so much in something like God in a tangible way that they are willing to ignore the fact that they really have no idea what they are getting into.

    Since returning from my trip, I was attacked physically and mentally for the last several years in ways that defy explanation to most people. It has almost been unbearable at times and I have been in fear on my safety and my life. I wish I had never gone to this place as nothing like this had ever occurred before. I wasn’t some crazed ‘new agey’ guy either prone to believing in weird or unusual phenomenons. Prior to becoming ill, I had a career and had never thought much about this type of stuff.

    You will only hear rosey stories coming from the Casa guides and the Casa literature but what you don’t hear is the people like myself who have had horrible experiences. Most people and literature promoting the Casa try to explain what goes on there in a ‘bibleesque’ way that packages it so people feel safe, secure and can make sense of it. But having been there and experienced it myself, whatever it is, is beyond our comprehension. Those who go there are pressured to ‘have faith’ and ‘not question.’

    Furthermore, ‘John of God’ the man is not the real problem; it is whatever is working through him. Whatever this place is, it does not belong on this earth. My best advice if you are considering going there because 1) you or your loved ones are in a desparate situation 2) you are seeking a deeper spirituality/God connection – think long and hard before getting into something that defies our understanding.

    Though many who have been there and been helped by the Casa would strongly disagree with me, whatever this place is, it does not belong on this earth.

  20. John of God, I wholeheartedly believe, is real. There are many skeptics around, too many if you ask me. Yes, there are charlatans out there who come in every shape and form, but there are also genuine, honest men and women of God who exist on this planet. There are men and women through whom God works, one such person being John of God. I bet that most if not all Athiests are highly skeptical people, particularly of religion, in general, and Christianity and God, specifically. It is so much easier to disbelieve than to believe. Some choose to believe that we evolved from monkies while blinding their eyes to what he Bible says about how and Who created this world, this universe we live in. John of God gives all the credit to God, to whatever healing takes place through those whom he performs operations on, whether he does that face to face or from a distance. If you still disbelive John of God is genuine, read or watch Dr. Wayne Dyer’s account of his experience with John of God. God bless you and God bless John of God!

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