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John Edwards proposes to mistress weeks after wife’s death


Former presidential candidate John Edwards has popped the question to his longtime mistress Rielle Hunter just three weeks after the death of his wife.

The National Enquirer reported that Edwards introduced his children to the ex-campaign videographer over the holidays. Cate, 28, Jack, 10 and Emma Claire, 12 met Hunter and their 2-year-old half-sister, Frances Quinn Hunter, at a chain eatery called the Macaroni Grill in Charlotte, NC.

“After discussing it with a friend, Rielle said she decided to tell John’s kids, ‘Call me Mommy,’ ” the Enquirer reported, quoting a source close to the family, the New York Post states.

While the National Enquirer first broke the story of the affair between the disgraced Edwards and his campaign aid, according to NY Daily News, they have falsely reported an engagement before.

The publication stated last February that Edwards had asked Hunter to marry him and that the duo was purchasing an exquisite $3.5 million beachfront home. The story was later discredited.

The new report states, however, that this time Edwards had really promised “his undying love to Rielle” and said “they would eventually ‘become one big, happy family.'”

“Clearly, he was saying, ‘I want you to marry me,’ but nothing is official yet,” according to the source.

The paper stated that the ex-North Carolina senator spent Christmas at his family’s Chapel Hill home, then took the whole family with him to a lodge near Charlotte, where Rielle, 46, lives with their love child, Frances Quinn.

Although Edwards’ children knew about their half-sister, they had been banned from meeting her by Elizabeth. According to the Enquirer, Hunter wept with joy at the sight of the kids together.

Elizabeth and John Edwards were married for 32 years, but had called it quits after the latter confessed to his ongoing affair and the birth of a love child. The wronged wife died on December 7th after a long battle with breast cancer. She apparently left everything in her posession to her three children.

The source stated that Elizabeth would have been furious if she knew about Edwards’ proposal: “Elizabeth must be turning over in her grave…This is the absolute last thing in the world she wanted,” the tabloid quoted a source as saying. “Rielle is the woman she once labeled ‘pathetic’ and ‘a homewrecker’ . . . She did not want John to introduce their kids to his love child, let alone Rielle.”

In her last television interview, on “The Nate Berkus Show” in September, Elizabeth Edwards seemed to have come to terms with everything that had befallen her, according to CBS News. “Right now,” she said, “I feel more at peace than I have in a really long time.”

At the time of her funeral, close friend Glenn Bergenfield told CBS that people should cut John Edwards some slack: “I don’t know if the people who are angry at him around the country want to believe this, but I think he’s grieving. I think he’s grieving horribly. … He’s lost her, too.”

Well, he certainly seems to be dealing well with his grief.

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