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John Boehner set to take House


70-year-old Nancy Pelosi’s reign as Speaker of the House is set to end.  She is the first woman to assume the mantle, which is the highest position ever held by a female in US politics and puts her third in line after the president.

With the controlling party able to make their own choice of Speaker of the House, the Republicans will force Pelosi out of her seat to make way for John Boehner, serial crybaby and House Republican leader.

This is not a time for celebration

He tearfully told the gathered media that he was a man who “lived the American dream” (a phrase which still has no meaning) and that the people of America have sent “an unmistakable message” to President Obama, “and that message is – change course,”

“We hope that President Obama will respect the will of the people and change course and commit to making changes that they are demanding.  To the extent that he is willing to do that, we are willing to work with him. But make no mistake, the president will find in our new majority the voice of the American people as it expressed it tonight.”

And to a cheering crowd he said, ‘It is clear tonight who the winners really are and that’s the American people.’

“This is not a time for celebration, not when one out of ten of our children is out of work, not when we have buried our children in a ton of debt.”

John Boehner – Addict

Is he talking about India or America here?  After all shouldn’t children be in school?  Many will agree with him that this is not a time for celebration, considering the man’s alleged alcoholism (as given credibility by his slurred delivery of speeches and erratic behavior), fundamentalist christian style outbursts and nicotine addiction.

His evasive nature in interviews also leads to questions over his integrity and he always appears to have a get out clause when handling tricky questions.  His perpetual non-addressing of key issues such as climate change has caused many to scrutinize his behavior even further.

The self-confessed Camel smoker is reminiscent of a spoilt child who throws their toys out of the pram when things don’t go their way, as has been witnessed on many occasions in house debates, using victim tactics to manipulate situations and blame others for his own mistakes.

Indeed on one occasion he blamed Pelosi for Republicans voting against his bills, stating that she made a ‘Partisan’ speech.

Pelosi is a tough character though and is well aware of the political rough and tumble.  She recently stated that if “no one’s talking about you, you have to wonder what you were doing”, and that personal criticism is the “highest compliment”.

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