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Jessica Simpson says getting Lasik was like being healed


Renowned entertainer Jessica Simpson suffered from poor vision for a long time, but in 2004 decided to take medical assistance in the form of Lasik surgery.

Jessica’s vision was getting worse and she relied heavily on her glasses and contact lenses on a daily basis. This dependency on contacts and glasses made her realize that the kind of profession she is in, she cannot ignore that beauty plays a very important role in celebrity life. As a girl, Jessica never bothered about her looks and she used to wear anything she felt comfortable in. Talking about her teenage days, USA Today quotes her as saying: “I was always the girl who wore sweat pants and baseball caps to not be intimidating, but now I’ve learned to embrace beauty as part of my career”.

Since perfecting her vision, she had nothing but praise for her surgeon. quotes Jessica as saying: “It’s like being healed by God! I was legally blind, I couldn’t see without contacts or glasses. I couldn’t see my hand in front of me. I couldn’t see the big ‘E’ on the (eye test) screens.”

Jessica, a beautiful singer and actress shared her own tryst with Lasik and highlighted the importance and the safety of this surgery with the help of her own reality show called ‘Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica’.

Jessica has also battled acne, a condition which saw her partner with Proactiv to become their spokesperson.

Other celebrities who have undergone Lasik procedures include Brad PittTiger Woods andNicole Kidman.

Images: PR Photos

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