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Jessica Alba admits to battle with anorexia


In the sinfully “perfect” world of television and cinema, many actresses suffer from eating disorders. Jessica Alba is one of the first to put up her hand and admit she battled anorexia for years.

Always aware of her body shape, Jessica says, according to, that she began cooking for herself at a young age because she didn’t want to be like the rest of her family.

“Everyone in my family is heavily overweight and I wanted to be healthier, so I started cooking for myself when I was 12,“ she told The Sun.

The obsession with her body continued, particularly when she was preparing for ‘Dark Angel’, her huge breakout role. The ‘Fantastic Four’ actress was so obsessed with looking good for the role that she was working out for 3 hours every day and hardly eating. that Jessica’s weight dropped to 100 pounds, which is when she realized she had a problem. In an interview with Glamour Magazine in 2005, Jessica said: “A lot of girls have eating disorders, and I did too. I got obsessed with it. When I went from a girl’s body to a woman’s body with natural fat in places, I freaked out. It makes you feel weird, like you’re not ready for that body”.

Jessica, 28, has since made name for herself as one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood, with a healthy body. Movies in which she was able to show off her toned physique include ‘Into The Blue’ and ‘Honey’ has also starred in other big-name productions, including ‘Sin City’ and ‘The Eye’.

Now a mother to nearly two-year-old Honor Marie, Jessica married producer Cash Warren in 2007 and is currently working on ‘Sin City 2’.

Other celebrities who have battled anorexia include Kate BeckinsaleCalista Flockheart,Courtney Thorne-Smith and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.


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