Jesse Ventura uncovers feminizing uranium plot

Former Navy Seal, Actor and State Governor, Jesse Ventura and his research team on Conspiracy Theories has uncovered disturbing evidence which indicates the inclusion of such deadly toxins as feminizing uranium, fluoride and even the mood pacifying lithium in our water supplies.

On his TruTV show last night Ventura and his team investigated what is now called the “Worldwide Water Conspiracy”, a plan to control the populace by medicating the water supplies.

Initially the investigation looked into water scarcity, exploring the Great Lakes which provide about 20% of the Earth’s fresh surface water. When the team began looking deeper they uncovered a darker, more sinister twist.

Feminizing uranium as it is referred to, is an element which can cause cell mutation and cancer in the human body.  Its introduction into the water supply is linked to a significant reduction in male births and is thought (among many conspiracy theory followers) to be part of a population reduction scheme.

Lithium has been used to steady emotions, especially in those suffering with bi-polar disorder, and its addition to tap water was originally chalked up as a way to reduce the number of suicides. The use of lithium in water would make people more accepting of the world they find themselves in, whatever state that world may be in.

The problem with adding these chemicals to the water supplies are vast.  Everybody reacts differently to a given dose of lithium and it can be extremely hazardous to the health of many individuals.  Additionally, uranium works at a cellular level and alters the hormonal balance, which leads to feminization.  The greatest effect of  the feminizing uranium is of course a reduction in male births, the knock-on effect of which is reduced population over time.

Of course, if the creators of Conspiracy Theory are correct it doesn’t matter how detrimental the chemicals are to our health as in the eyes of the elite, most of us are no longer required on this earth.

It has been proven that feminizing uranium is in our drinking water, but what of the scheme to reduce the population?  And to what end?  Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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24 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura uncovers feminizing uranium plot

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  2. Wake up people its happening everywhere they are trying to put the world population down to 1000000000 or less .im from holland and there to are chemtrails water polution and camps.. we heve to fight back . For our future . Our lliberty

  3. While we do not agree that fluoride is added into US public water supplies to kill us off, science shows fluoride ingestion is harming many people.

    Fluoride was first added to water supplies in 1945 when old-time but well-meaning dental researchers believed (or were falsely encouraged to believe) that fluoride was an essential nutrient required for healthy teeth. However, modern science proved them wrong on both counts. Consuming a fluoride-free diet does not cause tooth decay. Applying fluoride to the teeth does harden the outer enamel and that’s a freedom of choice issue not granted by people who promote and force fluoridation into all of us and our food supply.

    Fluoridation is promoted, endorsed and instigated by the American Dental Association which is heavily funded by corporations that benefit from tooth decay and fluoride sales.

    It’s ironic that the same people who will criticize people for blindly believing Jesse Ventura or Alex Jones will blindly follow the ADA’s instructions to fluoridate more Americans regardless of whether or not they have voted against it and whether or not it’s harmful to them and whether or not they have teeth.

    Everyone must contact the legislators and water companies and tell them to stop the fluoride. It’s unnecessary, ineffective, harmful and a waste of money.

    for more info: http://www.FluorideAction.Net

    • Please tell me how flouride harms anyone. You said that flouride hardens the enamel. Why would I not want it then? Why would the people that profit from tooth decay even care about flouride? You said that flouride doesn’t make any difference in the amount of cavities. So why would they care then if it either makes no difference or it benefits teeth?

  4. Check out the White House “science czar,” John Holdren’s book Ecoscience. His plans are all written there. Forced abortions, chemicals in water, carbon taxes, etc.

  5. Fluoride, added into about 70% of America’s drinking water, is the “darling” cash cow of Big Pharma, because it creates a host of systemic symptoms that Americans then seek treatment for with other chemical pharmaceuticals.

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  7. Not only does chemicalization, i.e., the slow poisoning of the masses, destroy the unborn males, it also destroys the “Alpha Dominants,” i.e., the TRUE leaders. Without true leaders, the masses will blindly follow the Beta Submissives or the Omega Inferiors. True Alpha Dominants have the health, safety, and welfare of their “herds” ingrained into their DNA by the DIVINE MAKER. Beta Submissives and Omega Inferiors only selfishly think about themselves. Wonder no more! Who are you going to follow???

  8. I want to start a group called People Against Poisoning Our Water (PAPOW) in Dallas. Feel free to stare a chapter in your community, no charge. Some knowledgable input on how to get it going and where to hold such large meetings for free would be deeply appreciated. .

  9. If this doesn’t get the American people who are still couch potatoes up off of their Duff’s and angry and ready to protest Globalist Corporate take over nothing will!

    Here is the truth this is happening right now! The big corporations and Government Representatives tried to buy and ban this TV show off of public television and the internet!

    For Christ sake stand up or we will all be 6 feet under!
    Pass it on to your friends, everyone deserves to know!


    Everything is turning to corruption in North America! Look at what the Globalists and Government on both sides is doing to us in America!
    It is either the “Banksters” or “US”, so hold on to your ass and stand up and rescind this fraud debt the Globalist Banksters are trying to collect from us fraudulently!

    Say No, we did not accure the debt and we will not be forced to pay it and back up your words with a battle for your life if you have to!

    Otherwise there is no light at the end of the tunnel for us!


  10. Fascinating show. I knew much of this before but I do have to question the unquestioning belief that China has these plans, or that it is shipping our water over there. Where is the proof? There IS proof of the chemicalization of the water, and the plastics degrading into estrogen-like compounds, but much of the rest could be just conspiracy theory and nothing more. Again Jesse … great theories but GET THE PROOF! Until then it’s just another fear-mongering technique that our government already uses. I expect more from you!

  11. Buy my book My wife My country a Love Lost to recieve more insite into the fact that radical feminist are a major driving force behind ridding the world of males and escaping their biology. My book can be purchased at thanks

  12. becoming evident that many things not known are being imposed on us, not for our own good. i am concernd that no real intention of getting us healthy and disease free is the plan. We will forever get diseases because they are the income base for multinationals.

  13. First off, you can’t depopulate the world by getting rid of the males. One male with 100 women can get all 100 of them pregnant. Now, One female with 100 males can still only have one baby at a time (not counting for twins etc) That’s the way to depopulate.

    Fluoride is a trace nutrient that we do need BUT there are 3 kinds (or is it 4.) All but one are harmful to humans and guess which one is NOT in our water?

    Next time I would like to see him expose Aspartame!!

    • “First off, you can’t depopulate the world by getting rid of the males.”

      Probably the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever read given that humans are not hermaphrodites.

      What happens when the next generation of babies are 90% female? And how long do you think – realistically – it would take 1 man to get 100 women pregnant?

      We’d have a very short lived planet of Amazonians who would perish without a suitable amount of males to sustain a large population. Generations of women would die followed by dwindling populations of more women. Each new generation witnesses a reduction in males. Each male would then have to get 1000 women pregnant, ad nauseum.

      When you throw in diseases, airborne pathogens, pandemics, poverty, chemicalised food, continued drinking of poisoned water, etc, etc, it doesn’t look promising for man(un)kind.

  14. Thank you Jesse Ventura for having the courage to expose this government plot to reduce the population. You are a true patriot and society owes you a tremendous dept of gratitude.

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  16. Wow! Thank you! I constantly wanted to write in my web site something like that. Can i take component of yourpost to my blog?

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  18. my solution to this problem is vitro-injection… cause its the only way to chose to have a boy before its shut-out of you junk.
    Thats what I did after seeing that I was being out-gunned by six females. But they’re lovely, thank God

  19. You guys are retarded. Buy a water filter if you are really that worried about it. There is plenty of corruption in the government, but it is not the water. I honestly think we need a new government, but it is not going to happen until the removal of our liberties becomes unbearable. This is besides the point.

    The government is not drugging our water. There are drugs in our water and the government is simply not removing them. The reason is we all live downstream. What this means is that no matter where you live, the water treatment plant you drink from, is downstream from a sewege treatment plant. Kind of gross right? The plants simply do not have the capabilities to filter out pharmaceuticals that people are pissing out. They filter out all the really harmful stuff like bacteria and lead, so the drinking water is pretty safe. There are still chemicals in it like chlorine and flouride though. The pharmaceuticals like lithium and others are in the parts per million which is very small. The problem is that not much has been done to look into the problems this may cause. There is the possiblity that microquantities of a drug can have effects on the body. This is compounded by the synergistic effects of multiple drugs being present. So yes there are drugs present in the water, but it is from other people’s excretions.

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