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Jesse Ventura uncovers feminizing uranium plot


Former Navy Seal, Actor and State Governor, Jesse Ventura and his research team on Conspiracy Theories has uncovered disturbing evidence which indicates the inclusion of such deadly toxins as feminizing uranium, fluoride and even the mood pacifying lithium in our water supplies.

On his TruTV show last night Ventura and his team investigated what is now called the “Worldwide Water Conspiracy”, a plan to control the populace by medicating the water supplies.

Initially the investigation looked into water scarcity, exploring the Great Lakes which provide about 20% of the Earth’s fresh surface water. When the team began looking deeper they uncovered a darker, more sinister twist.

Feminizing uranium as it is referred to, is an element which can cause cell mutation and cancer in the human body.  Its introduction into the water supply is linked to a significant reduction in male births and is thought (among many conspiracy theory followers) to be part of a population reduction scheme.

Lithium has been used to steady emotions, especially in those suffering with bi-polar disorder, and its addition to tap water was originally chalked up as a way to reduce the number of suicides. The use of lithium in water would make people more accepting of the world they find themselves in, whatever state that world may be in.

The problem with adding these chemicals to the water supplies are vast.  Everybody reacts differently to a given dose of lithium and it can be extremely hazardous to the health of many individuals.  Additionally, uranium works at a cellular level and alters the hormonal balance, which leads to feminization.  The greatest effect of  the feminizing uranium is of course a reduction in male births, the knock-on effect of which is reduced population over time.

Of course, if the creators of Conspiracy Theory are correct it doesn’t matter how detrimental the chemicals are to our health as in the eyes of the elite, most of us are no longer required on this earth.

It has been proven that feminizing uranium is in our drinking water, but what of the scheme to reduce the population?  And to what end?  Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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