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Jesse Ventura for vice president, conspiracy theory or truth?


The rise of conspiracy theorism’s popularity has coincided with the popularity of the internet and its easy information sharing properties. Certain figures are making a sizeable living by profiting on the gullibility of particular social groups who are generally drop-outs, social misfits or suffer with mental health issues.

Leading the pack are figures like Alex Jones and his celebrity buddy Jesse (the body) Ventura. Ventura is the all-American hero, a combat vet who served in Vietnam with the US Navy Seals and who bears his patriotism like a burning flag above his head as his war cry cuts through the cacophony of the battlefield.

Well, that’s what he’d have you believe at least.

The truth about Ventura is a little less exciting or dramatic. He joined the Navy Seals reserves but never actually saw combat at all. Some say he’s a pathological liar but he’s actually more of a hawker; a seller of himself for the public attention and dollars it brings him.

He is first and foremost an entertainer of sorts. After a career as a ‘professional wrestler’ he starred in the Schwarzenegger classic Predator and since then has been plugging his TruTV show Conspiracy Theory.

The research for his show is full of holes and when Ventura is challenged on specific details he falls apart – without exception. Backed by shameless self-promoter Alex Jones, who laughably refers to Ventura as ‘governor’ after his four year political stint as the 38th Governor of Minnesota between 1999 and 2003, he plunders through a minefield of political wrangles with as much subtlety and intellect as a raging dervish in a paper cup, wearing pointy gloves and carrying scissors.

Jesse Ventura fits the classic bully profile; talk loud, puff the chest out, wave fingers and prod people in the chest to make a point, but when challenged and faced with absolute fact he shrinks and deviates to avoid humiliation.

His latest headline stealing ploy is the idea of running for vice president if Ron Paul runs for president as an independent, while selling his book which I’m not going to plug for him. Needless to say the asinine content is as laughable as the purported writer’s resume.

All of this is of course a huge source of delight for the conspiracy theorists out there; at last a voice of reason will stand up for what they believe in and change the world.

Except we know that won’t happen.

If they believe that the US government could kill its own people en masse as they claim was the case with the 9/11 scenario, then what’s to stop huge corporations – who have already infiltrated government – getting rid of one or two men who might damage their vested interests? Ventura and Paul will fold as quickly as every previous president when faced with a pay off or a death threat.

The trouble with conspiracy theories and their believers is that they’re nothing more than a form of entertainment designed to divert attention away from the real issues. Once people become involved with conspiracies they start to believe even more radical and extreme nonsense. Most theorists would be mortified if they found out the conspiracies were true and exposed to the world because their purpose in life – of being a shelf stacker at Walmart by day but a world saving truth seeker by night – would be smashed instantly. They’d have nothing to hold onto until the next big conspiracy came along.

And there it is; the fact that the internet playground empowers the powerless to talk but not act. Conspiracy forums are full of people preaching to the converted and insulting dissenters, but never actually doing anything about it.

Actions always speak louder than words.

Having Ventura in office would be the biggest anti-climax ever for the people who so desperately want to see him there. It would also undoubtedly pave the way for hacks like Alex Jones to get a foot in the political door which would be nothing short of disastrous.

The bottom line is that these days almost anything can be made believable, but the truth is harder to actually pinpoint. Searching by Google and YouTube is hardly the most professional way to find facts and the mistake most conspiracy theorists make is accepting the word of the people who shout loudest and not digging deep enough for themselves.

Please share your thoughts on Jesse Ventura running for VP or his Conspiracy Theory show by leaving a comment.

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